Storyline A Challenge to the Fools

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    As the music hits, Knight comes out with a few men in robes behind him. He turns around to look at the entrance and out comes Chrysalis, accompanied by both David and Sir Lee. They walk down to the ring, Knight getting in first and then assisting Chrysalis into the ring. David and Lee then get into the ring to join the duo. Knight grabs a microphone from the ring announcer.

    "IWT.....We are the Ministry of Darkness and tonight, we have a very special message for two unlucky people backstage. You see, Now that Adam has ran away to DX, We need new.....'Victims' .@gav the chav and @B.Dazzle .....The Dazzling Chavs.....The Tag team champions.....The Perfect 'Victims'. I've been stuck in what I consider Purgatory for a while.....That was until Chrysalis came and saved me.....but I've had to watch people like you two rise up the ranks while I....the better man.....had to stay down in purgatory waiting for his chance. Well, now my Chance has come....and Chrysalis, here, Will tell you why...."

    Knight Passes his Microphone over to Chrysalis.
  2. Chrysalis takes the mic, looking off towards the stage. "For so long you two pathetic beings have been making a mockery out of everything. Hiding behind such insults that a mere child on Youtube would make. You two, are nothing special to the IWT. You are just children, playing in a grown up world. Your fantasy has come to an end, you will now wake up. You won't wake up to the 'perfect' world you just left oh no, you'll wake up gazing upon the flames of hell."

    "For you see, the Ministry does not play around. We do not make such pathetic claims and insults, and hide behind such awful grammar. We come through flames, and we'll drag you right back into them. Your world is falling, and we are the ones catching it. You simply play the instruments that is the tag team division, but I am the one who wrote it. Now, as the rightful owner I am claiming what rightfully belongs to us." Chrysalis said with a grin as she dropped the microphone straight to the ground.