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  1. *After an ad break, Dylan Gray is shown in the ring*
    "So, I haven't been in this place for a whole long time, but i've witnessed a lot, a lot of bullcrap, a lot of people thinking they're the best, and what's funny is they think they are better than me!"

    "One example of that is Reagan Cole, the guy who walks around the locker room thinking he's all that, but let me tell you boy you're not, I've not been here long and I can already see what you are, and who you are, you're a wannabe, trash talking, shit smelling, brown nosed piece of trash."

    "I've been here for the better part of 2 months, 2 months proving why i'm the future, when you're just here demanding opportunity after opportunity, and quite frankly i'm sick of it, i've beaten a future all of famer and wrestled at IWTMania representing this damn company and what do I get? Buried. Buried by 4 old washed-up imbeciles, it's nearly as bad as Michael spelling my last name wrong on every damn card!"

    "But I challenge you, Reagan, I challenge you to a match at the next big event, a 1 on 1 no holds barred match."

    "Not interference, no NGW, no IWT, just me and you, accept if you dare...."
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  2. The Music of Skillet's Awake and Alive rebounds through the arena as the crowd give the "normal" reaction as the mixed crowd anticipate the man they call Reagan Cole but then suddenly the music is cut at the 1:30 mark as the screen goes static for a couple of seconds then it goes black until the screen comes back as it shows a brick wall with 2 windows but it isn't seen for long as the Camera gets turned to show a shirtless Reagan Cole who has a slight smirk on his face

    Reagan: Really Gray? I was having a lie-in day today! *sigh* anyway Ladies and Gentleman, My name is Reagan Cole and I am confused about many things in Dylan Gray's life but the thing I might be the most confused about you is that you have some obsession with people who have been here longer than you. I mean first it was Eric Draven now it's the most high-flying, electrifying, Trail Blazing and truly amazing Wrestler otherwise known as Me. I mean didn't you know that there's a thing called a Young Lions Cup? You could go for that, I'm not sure if you can but whatever, and now....*chuckles* you're challenging me to a no holds barred match. What you don't realise is that when I was growing up, all of the matches I had in my "training" were no holds barred so No holds barred are my specialty, that match is my Playground, no I got that wrong, it's my school! And I'm going to teach you not only in Respect but I'm going to teach you what it feels to be hit by this

    Reagan raises a steel baseball bat, that he has used in the past to damage, injure and even retire many people from both IWT and NGW, into view as his smirk slowly turns into a evil smile on his face

    Reagan: And that is the Cole Way!

    Reagan Stares at the camera with that evil smile on his face as the screen slowly fades back to black with Dylan, in the ring staring at the place where Reagan was once there

    OOC: There you go after 2 failed attempts lol
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