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  1. Nick walks out, taking in the warm reception from the crowd. He makes his away down the ramp and enters the ring, quickly cutting the music.

    "Let's address the elephant in the room. I was defeated at IWT Summerslam by James Dragon. We went to war, busted each other open, and had a memorable fight. I think Dragon proved any doubters wrong that night. He showed he can do it on his own and tough it out with one of the best in the business."

    The crowd reacts mixed towards Nick's statement.

    "But one loss will not put me down. Just like my previous defeats did, they will motivate me to become stronger than I was so I will NOT make the same mistakes twice. I need to continue to push myself, to improve because everyone knows I will be the IWT World Champion once again very soon. So, anyone in the back, I don't care who you are, come out and face me. Show me whether or not I'm ready to take the crown!"

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    Adam Burke's theme music hits and he bursts out on stage, the crowd gives a medium reaction as he storms down the ramp into the ring

    Nick! I don't think we've been properly introduced. Even in all the time we were on the roster together!

    I respect a lot of what you've done around here, you earned you're place on this roster, in this ring and you earned your title but what I don't respect is your lack of care and concern for everyone else in the line for that title.

    You don't get to lose and demand your place back atop the mountain you get there by sheer force and will so prove it Nick.

    I have a proposition for you... You're looking for a match... I'm looking for a match why don't we settle this little debate and see who truly deserves that title match.

    Adam extends his hand out to Nick
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  3. Nick smirks at Adam, and takes a step back from his handshake.

    "We actually HAVE been introduced to each other. I've already beaten you, buddy, long before I had done anything worthwhile in this company. However, you have peaked my interest."

    He takes a step back and pauses for a moment.

    "I need an opponent at Anarchy. You need an opponent at Anarchy. I think we can work something out. Let's do it."
  4. Burke smiles as he looks at Nick

    Nick, the man you bet before.... Is dead. The man you meet at Anarchy is something you've never seen. I look forward to it.

    Burke rolls out of the ring while his music plays and walks to the back