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  1. This has been long overdue. I beat Shadow, I earned a GM spot but have been booted from creative and had my thread closed because they believe that is best for business.

    What is best for business - is a change in the IWT. I am not your next GM, but I can tell you all from experience the joke that is currently in creative. Jono has literally only booked Adam vs Forrest - which is a fucking garbage match, and most of the rest of everything has been thrown together. What we need in the IWT is a change - how many of you (roadster for sure) hate the idea of pming the person who runs the IWT because his response is a joke at it's best?

    How many of you PM or hit me up to avoid the creative bullshit. Hell, watch the creative staff reply or ignore this thread entirely - just like they do your matches and threads. Book things yourself - i see that shit on a day to day basis. The only people who did shit in IWT are farooq myself trip and gav, correct me if i'm wrong. You dont have to pick me or jono, what I am asking for is simple. I was facing shadow for a GM spot he put up, and once his losing was for sure going to happen, stopspot jumped in and closed the thread. These people abuse their staff power because they are not down to change the IWT. Stopspot, who hasnt added a thing to creative in months, suddenly cares so much about my match with shadow.

    What we need in IWt is change. People like trip gav farooq and From stay, people who do nothing but open threads go. You dont need to get my back, just know this all happened when jono had his back against the wall and people like stopspot said nothing when he needed help. We got shadow as Co-gm because it was the only power move dat kid had left to make happen. Tell me im wrong.

    I am suggesting a voting, or if we need to some politicing to fix this shit. This isnt something new - this has been a long time in the making. It's time for people in creative to put up, or shut up.
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  2. Nobody wants Jonathan involved, but what can we do? I'm literally asking, what can we do, and let's do it. Fuck him lol. He sucks ass
  3. I'll just leave this here.

    Although most of you don't PM me about anything related to IWT, you can always talk to me about any opportunities you'd like to pursue in the IWT. I'd like to think I'm a very approachable person and I like to help others whenever I can. I'm quiet at times due to my work schedule and making a move soon, but either way you can still hit me up and I'll make sure the right people hear from you. I'd like to stay in Creative but if there are other people far more qualified than me then that's something I can deal with.

    IWT has become a shit storm of drama and that's not how it should be. This section is supposed to be fun.
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  4. As much as I'm pretty cool with everyone and thank those that have helped me along the way, why not try a change? I've got some pretty good ideas to help IWT grow and become even better. This isn't saying you're terrible this is saying we need more structure so we can make IWT something more people will flock to on the site. I'm sure we'd all like to see that right?
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  5. Drama = fun.

    IWT needs drama.
  6. You fail to mention that you/Shadow have bantered for a while about him challenging you, GM spot on the line etc. He says "sure" and he comes back a few hours later to find that the match thread has been made.

    Let me tell you all something, anytime I want to introduce a change, I have to make a thread in Creative and have a poll to see if they agree. This would be a HUGE change in IWT, and not once did you discuss it in that section or make a poll. I made the poll yesterday, do you agree with the stips for that match (gm/rematch clause), the poll is currently 2 votes to yes, 3 votes to no: [​IMG]

    I've only booked Forrest/Adam, yet you forget about the times when I ran IWT solo for months, ah, yes, you forget things when they suit you.

    Roadster hates PM'ing me, but he PMs me on an almost daily basis? My response is a joke? Really.

    No one seems to understand what Creative is about. I see people complaining all the fucking time because they aren't on a show. Guess what, we aren't here to give you matches. We're hear to help you when you don't have any ideas. We aren't here to just give you a match. If you come to us and say you can't think of anything, well help you. But for you to just bitch about not being in a match on a show when you haven't even made any effort? Even YOU, Aids, will agree that they should at least try.

    "The only people who did shit in IWT are farooq myself trip and gav, correct me if i'm wrong."

    You're wrong. I'm not dissing Gav or Trip, because they contribute, but to say they're the only ones who do things? What a load of shit.

    And surely, even you, can agree that this whole thing has been a mess? I'll admit, removing you probably wasn't the smartest thing, but neither was the way you have approached this either.
  7. What's needed is less whining and more competition. For example when trip and I become tag champs who's left to beat? NO ONE because we already beat every tag team. So it's things like this that need change.
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  8. LMAO cute response. You didnt book shit when you ran shit solo, and you can talk all the shit you want about me vs shadow, but him saying sure = yes. pretty up his reply all you want, me being GM is bad news for you and your likes.

    I like how your entire reply doesnt include a SINGle thing you have contributed to IWT. You say yes and no to other peoples ideas. You booked arguably the worst match and build in IWT history. You dont add a fucking thing, and you can enjoy your voting bullshit - because he said yes to the match. No one needs your approval.
  9. I don't think whining and competition have anything to do with one another. I say more whining AND more competition. As for your tag team issues, oh well. You chose to go to that dead division.
  10. Ah, so then, who did things? I guess the fairies just magiced up the matches. If I cared enough I'd go through my PMs.

    It's not bad news, because you're never going to be GM. Because if you were, all that would happen would be your buddies would go further up the card (like they are now) and everyone else would be left to squander.

    I don't need to say what I've contributed to IWT, it's fairly obvious. You're right I do say yes/no to peoples ideas... your point?

    Well in that case, I said no to dark matches during PPVs, so I guess I don't need a poll for that either then, huh?
  11. Agree to disagree, all I'm doing is pointing out things that need change. Yeah there's only a handful of teams but we have what 20 ppl in IWT tops? We could do a better job of getting IWT's roster to grow so things like that can be easily fixed. You're right I did choose to do the tag team division because of how dead it is and I figured my team and try to help propel it back to life
  12. Let me tell you all something, anytime I want to introduce a change, I have to make a thread in Creative and have a poll to see if they agree. - anyone who has ever been in creative should get a cheap laugh out of this.

    I will never be GM? I never wanted to be, i had intended on beating shadow, removing you, and then setting up winners for the future.

    What a fucking joke about my buddies. DK James THG D'z TNH and a lot more are my buddies, but they are also people who draw. Hilarious you say you are a yes/no person when you have the IWT division to book.

    Yeah you didnt put up a poll until farooq asked for it twice you fucking joke. You make dictatorial decisisions and pretend to be fair. You legit TOLD us all in creative no more dark matches during PPVs, and it took days before the poll was even made. @Big Boss tell me im wrong.
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  13. 20 active members is quite a few when you think that we probably only have 40-50 people posting with regularity on WWEF
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  14. If even 5 more came to IWT that would be two more teams. With people coming into the thread and seeing nothing but drama why would they want to? That's why I say kill the drama and keep it in character.
  15. My fault, he shoulda stayed in Creative till we reached a resolution.
  16. In character, not in character, its 2014. The lines are blurred bub

    to answer your question, I really doubt anyone who wants to sign up for an E Fed is going to withhold from doing so because they see people arguing about who can make things better. I'd be like "cool, like 5 different dudes want to run this shit. Must be good"
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  17. Probably should have clarified big changes.

    Good luck with that.

    Yes, you're right they draw, but right now if you were in charge, DZ wouldn't be fighting for #1 contender for the IC title, that's for sure. Yeah, I also book that division. For the past X months it's booked itself. Why fix something that isn't broke.

    You're right, that time I didn't because I felt it was best for IWT for there not to be other matches at the same time as PPVs.
  18. But that time is over. do me a favor, and post the creative thread on me vs shadow for the IWT to decide, its what should have happened in the first place.
  19. my feelings!
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  20. lmfao D'Z booked himself for the IC - and you havent done a fucking thing there. That shit has been jenn and I for months.

    Make the thread for me vs shadow and let the IWT decide if it is really best for business.
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