Storyline A Change of Heart

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  1. Nick walks out to a decent crowd pop with a mic in hand. He hops over the top rope and looks into the crowd.

    "Cut the music! It seems all the bad things happen to me, right? First I get booked horribly, now I'm forgotten by anyone in the IWT, and apparently not good enough for the worst threesome in IWT? You're right. I'm not good enough. I'm not good enough at being a loser. Not good enough at being okay with mediocrity. I came here to be the greatest and that's definitely what I'll do!"

    "Last week, I was humiliated by the Alliance. Kicked out right in the middle of this ring. Now, I'm back for redemption. I will not rest until I get my hands on each and every one of you! One by one I will destroy you! And no, it won't just be a good ol rasslin match. Im gonna beat you with whatever I can find! Chairs, sticks, belts - anything I want! I've had it!"

    Nick takes a deep breath and laughs.

    "Honestly, I was thinking about leaving the Alliance anyways. After watchin the recap of my match with @David The GIANT I realized something. When he said that I burst into the scene and was one of the hottest things here he didn't lie. But them he said it was all gone. And he was right. The talk, the praise, the future gone. Why? Sure, shitty management may be to credit, but it was because I just joined a group with @Adam Aries and @DKJames. Two people who aren't really going anywhere. We know about Adams losing history, and we know they Joey will lose to Victoria. So what was the point? All they did was hold me back. Just as I was gonna leave, I was humiliated. Speared and left in the ring, lipstick on my face. Well I've had enough! Come out here and fight me like men!"

    Nobody walks out, but then Joey and Adam are seen hopping he barricade. The storm the ring and corner Nick. He roundhouses Joey but is then tackled by Adam. He counters a few punches and trips him up. Just as he gets up, @Queen Chrysalis comes in and wacks h with a Chair shot to the head, denting it. The other two each get a chair shot in and bring him down the stage.

    Announcer 1: What is happening? All hell has broke loose.
    Announcer 2: wait, are they doing what I think they're doing?

    They hoist Nick up, and triple powerbomb him off the stage.


    The crowd begins to chant, "HOLY SHIT" as the camera fades away, the Alliance standing tall.
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  2. *Hawk climbs down onto the floor beside Nick*

    You are nothing, You will always live in MY shadow, You were nothing to me but an interchangeable lacky

    *Hawk stands up and spits in Nick's face, He walks off through the crowd as trash is thrown at The Alliance*​
  3. *A commentator is screaming*
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  4. *Joey is shown in the corner of the ring just staring down at Nick's body, with a look on his face like he wants to say something but can't. He looks at Queen and smiles and looks at Adam and does the same. He mouths to Nick "Farewell..." and his smile fades.*
  5. OOC- I can't take this seriously with Adam being the leader it seems...just...:mad1:
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  6. It's how everyone feels, don't worry.
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  7. For one thing we have no leader and two just fuck off if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all.
  8. OOC- Oh, now you are making it worse for your self. A group with no leader...even worse...
  9. Here we go...
  10. *sits on a coffin sipping tea* I sense something coming.
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