Storyline A Colorless Man Need a Lesson

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  1. *Corey Marcus is in the room aka "His Happy Place", there is the usual words on the walls*

    You Lost Your Colors Dylan

    *Corey turns around to the camera*

    "If there is one thing I learned in my short time here is that Will Savat can't stand looking at the same photo graph. He's trying to forget me isn't he? If he wishes, but as the writing said, I was right, he was wrong, he can whine all he wants that he let me win, but he didn't. I don't win until I tear someone apart and that's what I did."


    "But... him aside... I believe there has been another man on my mind lately, a man who is somewhat... errr what's the word? Oh yes.... GRAY. Dylan you want to know why i'm here? Why am I bothering you? I was sent to take you out Dylan, I was sent to bury you far below the earth's surface until you are the first man to discover Agartha. But who sent me?"


    "Yes, that's right, it was your COLORS Dillon, your colors sent me to eliminate you, Gray is such a miserable, weak, depressing color Dylan and you choose to embrace it as your brother as you turn your back on all the other colors that made you.... well, you. A man needs his colors Dylan, you can't live off the color Gray your whole life, that practically makes you COLORLESS...."



    "Happiness, something you never understood."


    "Envy, something you tried to understand too much"


    "Love, something you tried to get rid of"


    "Anger, something that is really sick of you"


    "Sadness... something you tried to make a happy color I believe? Oh, I know about that....."


    "Light... something you never saw"


    "They have turned against you Dylan, when a person's colors turn on the individual, the individual himself will soon wish he never existed. Because what will come is something that nobody wants, something that nobody wants to remember, something nobody wants to dream.... The Bad Omen, Your Bad Omen.... me...... I'll see you soon Dylan"

    *End Segment*

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