Storyline A Contract Needs signing.

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  1. Please can people not cut promos until after Jonathan has come out (there's a joke there I'm sure no not about Jonathan being Jonathan, him coming out) and done his part? Do backstage stuff fine but don't actually come to a promo yet. After feel free to lube up and slide right in the passage of love.

    *The previous weeks of vignettes show along with Draven's recent outburst about the lack of fun and respect shown in IWT. The arena fades to complete darkness. WE'RE ALREADY HERE blazes up on the screen in a pink cursive font. Pyro bursts from every inch of the Jonatron then silence. The crowd begins to get restless, one screams fuck you Draven.*

    *Then the music begins to play*

    The lighting bursts into life, blanketing the arena in pink light. Share the love is now dancing upon the various screens in the same pink font.

    Eric Draven enters onto the ramp wearing a flowing orange robe, his beard has grown full. He has a wine glass in his left hand which is overflowing and a cheese platter. He takes a drink and a nibble of the cheese before walking straight to the ring to a chorus of boos. He stops half way up the ramp to man who is screaming hate at him. Draven turns and stares at the man before saying "Brother you look annoyed" Draven then hugs the man before entering the ring.

    Eric Draven : My friends, my people thank you for your hospitality.

    *Draven takes a drink from the glass as the crowd boos.*

    ED : Especially you my brother, especially you.

    *Draven points to the man who hugged during his entrance*

    ED : Thankyou my Brother, thank you for letting me spend a short amount of time sharing the love between myself and my fans.

    *The man is now hanging over the barricade screaming expletives at Draven.*

    ED : Please brother, the love inside our hearts is infinite there is no need to try to gain more at this point. Here brother what is mine is now also yours.

    *More boos fill the arena as Draven throws a small cheese ball towards the man*

    ED: Share the love my brother, please share it with your brethren.

    *Draven smiles and bows as if the crowd is showing affection at him, they aren't*

    ED : Now my brothers I am regretful to inform you of my contract status. I am no longer under an IWT contract.

    *The arena erupts in a collective cheer*

    ED : My brothers and sisters it seems you have a shared a premonition. Yes the dreams are true I am out here today to negotiate my contract with our forever giving owner Mr Jonathan Kalubungo the 3rd. Brother Jonathan shall we commence the discussion?
  2. Please, continue, I am very much interested in hearing your demands.
  3. ED: My first demand brother Jonathan is you take this token of my appreciation for welcoming me to the house you have built.

    *Draven runs out of the ring and goes to the announcing table before picking up a cooler*

    ED: Here we have like yourself, Newcastle's finest. Newcastle Brown Ale.

    *Draven passes the bottle to Jonathan.*

    ED: Now onto my requirements, I'd firstly like 20% of my earnings towards the Cure for having to speak to Aids Johnson charity. Once the poor people are infected they can't stop demanding people mic up.

    *Draven looks into the camera*

    ED: Please if you have a heart at home, donate to this cause and save lives. Thank you. Now onto my second demand 15% of my earning shall be forwarded to help the Senhor Citizens. A further 15% shall be forwarded to my sweetheart who I cherish ever so much.

    *The crowd chants bullshit*

    ED: Finally I wish to inform you of my request to challenge Senhor Perfect for his Incontinent Title in a quest to save the IWT universe from him further polluting our airwaves. The floor is yours now brother.
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  4. Thank you, I'm sure this brown ale will go down a treat with my cheesy chips.

    Ah, the first request. 20% of your earnings? Eric, I could care less who your earnings go to.

    Your second demand? Ah, you are needy aren't you. Again, do as you wish with the pittance you earn. But don't come crying to me when you're laying in the gutter with tramps like Farooq and Adam.

    Then my son, you have your match. Eric Draven vs Senhor Perfect for the Intercontinental championship, LIVE at Bound for Glory!

    Now please, don't call me out here again.