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    The all too familiar theme song of Jordan Bull fills the arena, along with a chorus of angry boos from the crowd. Jordan swaggers out onto the stage wearing a modified attire of his black T-Shirt, tights, knee pads and kick pads with a green trim. He looks like a confident man after his decimation of an innocent man, his destruction of Harrison Payne's neck as well as his respectable position in the draft and now his place in a match with the Undisputed World Champion, Robert Blake and the enigmatic challenger, Rhys Haze. He walks with purpose down the ramp, like a man on a mission, ignoring the hostile crowd that once treated him like a hero. Jordan climbs the steps and enters the ring. The music fades out and Jordan picks a microphone up that an official has rolled in, probably so that he doesn't get attacked by the destructive Jordan Bull.

    "Shut the hell up you putrid filth!"

    The insult does not make the crowd any quieter as they rain a symphony of boos, seemimgly soaking Jordan in their hate. However, the man in the ring does not seem phased by the reaction and begins to talk as the crowd finally quieten down.

    "I am the Destroyer, Jordan Bull. I am on a warpath that will never stop, even when I get Championship Gold around my waist. I am the man now. Last week, I truly arrived here in Precision by ripping two of this companies employees in half. I have been drafted to Team Green by Buster Gates, who, via Reginald, alluded to the fact that I could possibly take the title away from Robert Blake and bring it to Team Green. I have a problem with this. Firstly, why only allude to something that you know full well is a certainty? I am going to take that Undisputed Championship away from Robert Blake, Will Nielson or whoever the hell is holding onto my prize when I get the shot that I deserve. However, Buster, if you think that I am going to win that title for you and your little agendas, you are a moron. I couldn't care less about Team Green, sure, I'll play along with your little games, I'll beat whoever you want me to beat but I am not a team player. Sure, for now our objectives coincide with each other, but if I feel like you or any other member of your team are in my way...I will break you, just like I broke that official, just like I broke Harrison Payne."

    Jordan is still booed, despite strong words. He seems to understand that the crowd will never be behind him, and somewhat seems to relish it.

    "But right now, I have to focus. My match this week is huge. Not only do I have the opportunity to beat two guys in one night; I have the opportunity to beat the Champion, which would surely make me the #1 Contender. Robert Blake is a fighter, and a good one at that. He dominates in Precision and Exodus and has proven himself to be a champion in both brands. I know Exodus, or at least what it used to be. I know how tough it is there. It's dog eat dog and only the cream rises to the top. I mean, as much as I hate all of you though, Precision is easily better."

    The Precision fans cheer and chant "Exo-Fucks"

    "Because it has Jordan Bull as it's centrepiece attraction."

    The crowd once again boo Jordan for his arrogance, no matter if there's truth to it.

    "Robert Blake may be a big scary fighter but I don't fear you. I fear no man. Not you, Blake and certainly not you Rhys Haze. I'll be honest, Rhys, you are the X-Factor in this match. Robert and I are proven stars, you are not. We have experience on our side, but you are the unknown. I can gameplan for Robert a lot more than I can for you, so you can really do one of two things: Either, you are just like every other nobody in this company, or, you'll surprise eveyone. Either way, you too are not coming out of this show with a win. This match is mine, this company is mine and Robert Blake, your title is mine."

    Jordan's music begins to play and it is either interrupted by the theme of another Precision wrestler, or the theme of the show.
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  2. *Robert Blake appears on the titantron smiling at Jordan with both World titles in hand. The fans continue to boo Robert as he begins to speak*

    Robert Blake: Welcome back Jordan! My brother told me about you since he was also in the same company as you years ago. I'm not going to lie and say I'm worried or anything since I'm not....I'm never worried. Do you think I would hold these babies if I worried too much about weekly matches? You're a smart guy so you shouldn't believe I'm scared or anything. But....I do think you're a little worried. Finally getting in a match with me after your big return which you did lose by the way. But it must be big for you dude! Imagine getting the pin on me in this 3 Way....It would make you big man! You would have pinned the first unified World champion in history! And I do like to give awards to people when they do something great. If Haze or Jordan wins the 3 Way then they can look forward to a World title shot next week on Precision! It's going to be our first show in the UK so why not make it special for them? You know...I really want to beat one of you next week in the UK so I'm going to let you both go at it while I watch from the outside this week. But Jordan....It isn't all that great. The winner will need to have a match with me at the end of the day and that just sucks for anyone. So do you really want your chance at glory? Beat Haze and get your shot with me at our first show in the UK! I really want some fun when I go there so this should be a quick easy fix....I mean who could beat me guys? I'm like the greatest man to ever be in that ring. I mean Haze may put up a good fight though! He seems like he has heart but a hard kick in the face should take some of his heart away. You guys can trust me to just stay out of the ring though! I mean why wouldn't you trust me?

    *Robert Blake begins to laugh as Jordan begins to speak once again*

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  3. Jordan Bull smirks a tad as he speaks

    "So you're telling me I just have to beat Rhys Haze for a shot at that title? And you're going to, what? Just stand there and watch me become the #1 Contender? You'll just sit on the outside of the ring whilst one of the only men in this company who can beat you casually earns himself a chance to dethrone you? If I believed a single word that came out of your mouth, it'd be a great deal, champ. Thing is, I'm not stupid. This is not my first rodeo, hey, I'm one of the best double-crossing backstabbing sons of bitches in wrestling. You really think I can't smell the deceit a mile off? You'll let me beat Haze to a bloody, brutal pulp and you'll casually run in and stab me in the back. Robbie, I'm not buying your little charade at all. You ask, why wouldn't I trust you?"

    Someone in the crowd yells "because he's a massive twat" which illicits laughter out of many members of the crowd, and a smirk on Jordan's face.

    "No, it's not that, although I'll give credit to the savage there, you are. Nah, it's not that at all, Bob, see, I don't trust you because I don't like you. You step into this ring, which, like it always has been, is my ring and you parade the title I have had ripped away from me just before I touched it like it's your own. That is not your title, Robert, you're just keeping it warm for me. In two weeks time, it's coming home with me! I'm getting ahead of myself though. See if I know anything about Rhys Haze, he's not going to let you run from this fight either, pal. You are in this match, like it or not and I'm determined to walk out victorious. I don't particularly care about who I pin, but doesn't this just sound great?"

    Jordan clears his throat and does an impression of the Precision announcer.

    "Making his way to the ring, the first man to beat the first ever Unified World Champion, Jordan Bull!"

    Jordan shakes his head

    "Too long winded, how about you just call me: Champ?"

    A smirk fills Jordan's face, then his demeanour changes completely

    "Robert, just because I'm not quiet about my confidence doesn't make me stupid. I know that you are a great fighter. If-no, when I win the match this week, you are in for a rude awakening. This Jordan Bull is unlike the old model. I have no time for remorse, no time to show off. I need that title that you cling onto and I am going to do whatever it takes to get it. Your brother ought to have warned you about what happens when you step in my way, I mean, he's the one who had to fill in the paperwork, write the condolence letters and pay the severance checks after I dismembered that sorry son of a bitch at Summerslam. I didn't do that because he pissed me off, I did it because I can! You however, have pissed me off. If I could do that to him, then what could I do to you?"

    Jordan stares at Blake and points his hand to his own head in the shape of a gun and 'pulls the trigger', mocking Blake.

    "I'll see you in the ring, placeholder!"
  4. Rhys decides to break his silence and speak his thoughts

    Rhys: And here I am again... Stuck in another harsh triple threat with two of the best wrestlers in Precision. *Rhys looks at the Unified world champion with a grin and then focuses his eyes on the prizes, the two golden belts* Its an amazing accomplishment for you to be at the top of both shows holding both of the belts. *Rhys gives a mini sarcastic clap and then slowly turns to Jordan* And Jordan, you also want to be a #1 contender? I can respect that. You are a strong fighter, and you have the ability to destroy both of us I'm sure, but I've got something the two of you haven't: heart. You even said it yourself Robert! *Robert rolls his eyes* I have heart. Every time I compete in this ring I give it my everything but my opponents always get the best of me. This breaks me down every week, but I rebuild myself, I get back on my feet stronger than before and prepare for my next fight, and I'll always keep fighting until the Last Heroes bring back some championship gold. Last Sunday at Summerslam I defeated the devil Victor Sokolov and banished him from the league, ending his reign of terror. That was my biggest accomplishment so far in Precision and I want to continue stomping out evil from the league. Anything I can do to weaken you Robert is assisting my buddy Will in ripping the world title from your cold, harsh grip when he cashes in his Money in the bank contract at hell in a cell. I haven't forgotten about you either Jordan. I respect you but this fight means everything right now, and I have to give it my all so you better be ready. Its time to see if your fighting skills reflect what you say.

    Rhys drops his mic and pushes it out the ring with his foot. He gets into a fighting stance and the three fighters stare eachother down.
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