Storyline A Cure for Aids

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    Michael steps out onto to the stage at 0:35 of the song to a mild pop. He is wearing a dark blue blazer with a floral silk shirt underneath. His hair is slicked back and he has a cigar in his mouth. He struts down the isle ignoring the fans and grabbing a microphone before forcing the ring announcer to hold the ring ropes for him. After he enters he paces around the ring, puffing his cigar. He places his cigar on the top turnbuckle and prepares to speak.

    Michael: Many months ago, I decided that the only way the IWT could go any further was by burying that piece of trash Aids Johnson. I planned to bring the most destructive force the IWT has ever seen, in Spawn, to come and crush Aids Johnson. To take away the title he has held 4 times. I kept Spawn healthy and ready. I kept him from any real challenges, and I built the man up to end Johnson, once and for all. But he failed me. He failed to crush the sack of bones that is Aids Johnson.

    Michael puts his hands on his hips and looks at the crowd in disgust.

    Michael: It makes me sick knowing that Aids has yet another claim to add to his arsenal. There's a reason you're called a paper champ, Aids, and it's because your ego is too big for the IWT. It's too big for the IWT World Championship, the same title that built your career. And, as far as I'm concerned, that title deserves more than a whiskey swelling low life, like you. I got to thinking...that if you want something done, it's better to just do it yourself. I haven't competed since January, and before that - not since IWTMania III. But I'll do whatever it takes to get the strap off your wretched shoulder, princess.

    Michael walks over to the corner, takes a big puff of his cigar and throws it out of the ring. He releases his smoke and laughs.

    Michael: So bring your shovel. Do your damage. I'll bring my muzzle. Blow your brains out and leave you ravaged. Enough with this bullshit, you bring your beer belly; I bring my fists. We'll fight for the title I built, and prove that you are the paper champ that everyone says you are.

    @Aids Johnson
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  2. Aids Johnson walks out in his Brewerss blue suit, wearing his IWT title around tthe waistt. He caterss too the crowd before running and sliding into the ring. He grabs a mic in the corner before hitting the top rope to a huge pop from the crowd.

    You want some son? Mr. IWT just put your biggest heel to sleep and the XIX are stronger than ever. Forget the other factions, they don't draw like me combined, all the asses in the seat here CAME TO SEE AIDSEY BEAT YOUR ASS! *Crowd pop* so you name the place and the time, and I'll be sure to bring my shovel.

    You want it to be for the IWT title around this waist son, you best prove yourself. Don't step into the devil's den without a resume, and you need a few more wins.
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  3. Michael scratches his head and looks at Aids Johnson. He fixes his collar and sighs. He walks closer to the IWT World Champion and holds up the microphone.

    Michael: How common. I need to prove myself to fight a washed-up has been who's gotten a couple of no-show wins? You do know I've been signing your 7 figure paychecks. I'm the one paying for that mic that you're spouting your shit into. I'm the one that saved this company after you pissed in the grave that Jonathan dug. You're lucky I don't fire you on the spot for speaking to your superior like that. I don't need to prove myself to anyone; you are the one that needs to prove yourself to me.

    Michael gets really close to Aids and his face turns red with anger.

    Michael: You're gonna give my goddamn title shot, and I'll put an end to you and your bullshit. You're not a threat. You never were a threat. You've been running from me ever since I debuted. Hiding behind the facade of "you have to prove yourself". I no longer need to prove myself, I am in the position to do whatever I want. But I'm willing to sweeten the deal for you, sweet prince. You put your title on the line, I put your contracts for future matches on the line. You win, you book your matches. I win, I get that title and send you packin'.
  4. Fire me? On the spot? Those 7 figure paychecks are what keeps this company alive, SON. You want to talk about deserving and earning? You might be running the IWT, but I am the man DRIVING the IWT towards the future.

    Mr. IWT. Mr. Wrestlemania, while you sit backstage and talk I am the one putting asses in seats and putting down the MONSTERS like Spawn. You can barely light a candle to my flame son, but let me give you a lighter so you can try. Aids Johnson is the name people yell, people cheer, and people jeer. You are Roadie the Roadster, and when I finish burying you, I'll make Jonathan light a candle in your memory so people know you were just another #.

    This is the house Aids built, so when you want to be buried - bring my shovel - and bring the candle and torch for yourself. The casket will read "Just another body" son.
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  5. Hahahaha ok bud. Just felt like returning the random "Disagree" rating because why not
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  6. #3 of all time should be an honor.

    You want to move up to#2 beat dat kid. We all know i am #1
  7. according to that logic, Bruce Knight should be number 1 :kermit:
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  8. #3 all time is an honor I just don't think I deserve that haha. I mean I know I kicked ass as Joey but I don't think I deserve to be higher than Victoria Parker, Christian, Senhor, Alias and others that came before me.

    But ay man I'm glad you think so. I had a blast, was able to win a few titles and I made it into the HOF so rankings dont mean much to me, I did everything I wanted to do.
  9. You could have been higher but didnt lead like you should. I Inspire, you randomly retire. THG and Dat kid are right there with you but none are real leaders ninja.

    Joey Bryoant Antionio Alias and From Dat Kid Jersey all are tied in my book. Could have been better but never lead.
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    Micheal: Your bloated head has given you this allusion that this company needs you. We've got Jack Forté, we've got Danny Jacobs, Alexander Hightower, Nick, Eric Draven, Gato Volar, Dylan Grey and Alias Antonio. All of which can dethrone you at anytime. But instead of banking on them, and wasting their valuable time putting down a dirty dog; I've figured to end your narcissism myself. We don't need a man who drinks more than he breaths to lead us into the future because all those, I just listed, are the future. We're in it, you have to catch up to it.

    Michael paces around Aids for a bit before resuming.

    Michael: I am Roadie the Roadster, thanks for stating the obvious. I was the kid you mocked. I was the kid that you ran from. It was only a matter of time before this moment happened. That same kid, is here. Signing your checks and booking your sorry ass. No more running. No more hiding. You'll face me and fight me. Prove to me that you have all that you say you have. Or are you going to pull the "prove yourself to me" excuse out of your drunk ass? Oh- and you can bring your lighters, your candles, your flames, your torches, your caskets, your shovels and any other prop to fight your fights for you. I don't give a fuck because at the end of the day, you'll need your fists. You'll need basic comprehension and a sober mind. All of which you lack and I possess. You lack any appealing qualities and as the man signing 7 figure checks to a glorified nostalgia act, I'll be glad-fully taking that title from you and awarding it to someone with skill. Someone that can speak a well-formed sentence. Someone who isn't out of his league.

    Michael: Face it Aids, you belong with Dat Kid, Senhor Perfect and Danny. You belong in the retirement home, drinking your last days away. You don't have a part in the IWT. I signed you because the old saps would tune back in. You're just a stepping stone. Just like Kid and Perfect. You were used for the advancement of the company and now you're just a rusty gear in a new shiny machine. Your our Terry Funk. You're old and brittle but because you have a couple of scars, we keep you around. I would've dumped your contract as soon as Spawn took the strap, but he failed. So until I get that title away from you; you can stay happily employed. And at Survival, I'll do just that. Take that title, end your washed-up career and dump you to go work for ACW or some shit.

    Michael: Go ahead, and enrich. I will forever be your boss, and you'll forever be my bitch.

    Michael throws the mic and leaves.
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  11. I BELONG where my title is, MY IWT belt. You see this ring on my hand? It's something you will NEVER get and I don't need props to put your ass to sleep. If I'm a nostalgia act show me someone who puts more asses in those seats than I do. You want to step up to the king? You need to bow like the rest of them.

    Forte has something you will never have - and that is a win over me, Roadster. You can count my ONE loss since returning and enjoy it, but the fact of the matter is it was not for my belt, and we all know Aids doesnt lose when it's for the title. Mr. IWT, the king of this fucking castle and if I'm Baratheon then so be it. Boozing, whoring, bringing in bodies all while holding gold- that is what I do.

    You make it sound like what you have done is impossible, you lucked into a luxury you incoherent son of a bitch. I brought back the IWT and handed it to you on a platter, and in return you gave me my well deserved shot. I won, and have defended every time i've been asked. I beat Spawn and I will obliterate you. Forget about the FTJ's and VP's of this world because this "old folks" shit is really getting to me.

    The difference between Dat Kid, Senhor, and I is that I don't give up, I prevail, and most importantly I WIN. You want to book yourself against the great one? Welcome to being just another number.
  12. I feel this was a dick reply on my part. You and THG are the two best at promos bar Dat Kid. Senhor VP Christian and I know how to draw.

    I wish you'd come back man, there is a lot of life left in there for you.
  13. Aids paces around before resuming his promo -

    You see you underestimate me, you give me no credit while I continue to hold the most coveted title in this company. You talk down to me like we both do not know what is in the future here. You see Forte has something in his future the XiX have no revealed yet, and it's why popcorn plays like him have nothing on the greatness that is in front of you.

    You'll see it soon, because the greatest of all time is coming back, and he is sharing his back with the XiX. Gato will have a teammate soon, and all of YOUR gold will be OURS. I will be champ, Forte will finally do his job, and the tag team titles will come to us. Hell, send Nick to me after I beat your ass, nothing will change.

    The XiX are here to stay.
  14. stop taking your anger on e-feds I have been apart of! LEAVE THEM ALONE!
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  15. Nah you good man haha I get what you're sayin.

    I'd be lying if I said i dont miss being a part of this place. You never know man, i might say fuck it and pop back up at some point.
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  16. Always open for the HoF.

    On another note: Aids, you suck sweaty balls for fun.
  17. Not your stink ass balls bby, I'm about to bring your ass to church.