A day a giving thanks... Panda Style...

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    *Backstage in the dark room of the Council's doings*
    Leo: What is the status update on da beacon?
    *Construction worker comes forth*
    Worker: We are fixing him, he's struggling...he must of seen THE KOALA
    Leo: NO! IMPOSSIBLE! He would of gave Mike a Pear if he did... Da Beacon is not a toy that goes around dancing with Flamingos and Ostriches he is out Navigation tool... when he makes trail mix... he'll make trail mix, when he worships the elephant wizard he will worship him,and when he stands upside down in an alley way reciting the dawn of the mythical bat dingos, he'll do it while eating a potatoe.
    Fat Black Guy: Is that in the Panda's art?
    Leo: 3 times yes and 3 times no, depends how well he cooked his bacon those many years ago...
    *Mike enters with Groceries*
    Leo: Mike... have you brought the festives?
    Mike: Indeed... *Goes into bags*
    Leo: *To Worker* Keep up the repairs on Beacon Duggan... He will be fixed in time...
    *Worker leaves, grabs a hammer*
    Mike: *Takes out a bottle of liquid soap and apples* Council, shall we begin the day of thanks?
    Leo: We shall.
    *The council members all take apples and some soap, begin washing the apples*
    Leo: Clean apples are Apples of the wise Giraffe... Monty, while we do this get the broom so we can begin the praise of the chicken and turkey marriage ceremony, and DON'T bring a mop like last time, that interrupted the cycle of The Moose...
    *Monty, The judge stands up*
    Monty: It won't happen again Master Wang, this year The Moose visits the people of Jing Jang...
    *Monty leaves, Leo examines his apple*
    Leo: The day of thanks... unreal yet real, unwise yet wise, aside with fries... *Mike gets out French Fries, Leo Smiles* The Panda is proud...
    *End scene*
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