Storyline A day in the life of Crank

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    The camera boots up, showing Crankdeer at the wheel of a Subaru. Crank turns his head slightly and looks at the camera man. He flicks his aviators down with such elegance that they barely show the upper portion of his eyes.
    " So you guys are probably wondering, why is ole' Crank driving a car? Well, my stupid meat-sack friends- that's because I am going to show you how Crankdeer rolls around in this bitch. This little town that everyone calls ' Las Vegas'. "
    The camera cuts out before cutting back in several moments showing Crank at a local stripper's club. Crank is clearly seen throwing hundred dollar bills at the strippers. One of these strippers he seems to like, is an amputee. This particular stripper uses a bar stool as a replacement leg because she cannot afford a fake one.
    " So here we have the local girls. Y'know, they bring the life into ole' Crank. They get my gears pumpin', if ya' know what I mean. "
    Crank is seen turning around and fist pumping at the music. The camera cuts back showing Crank at the gym later on that day.
    " When partaking in a vicious work out such as I do, you want to make sure that you keep your supplements at your side. Here you have your weigh protein as well as your creatine if your weigh doesn't already have it mixed it. "
    In the midst of Crank talking, the gym owner comes into the weight room.
    Gym owner: "Get out of here you goddamn deer! I'll skin your ass and paste your head to my fuckin' wall! "
    The camera cuts back to Crank driving again as he turns to face the camera man.
    " People are ignorant and they don't like changes in the world. When it comes to me, I am a different fuckin' type of Alpha male. I am THE alpha male. I buck everything around here. People don't understand how I can talk, walk, workout, or fuck like a savage. The most important thing is, is that I can, SON. "
    Camera man: Crank you need to watch the road man!
    " You don't need to worry about me, I am the ALPHA- "

    Crank crashes the car into another car causing the entire traffic lane to flip out. The camera zooms in on a big rig flipping it's gas container over and exploding in the distance. A few other cars are seen catching fire as people get on top of their wrecked cars and yell at Crank. Crank leans his head up, his glasses lopsided, and waves his hand at all the people yelling. He then turns back to the camera man.
    " You see son? Look at all these people cheering for me. They just can't get enough of the deer. That does it for me though folks, tune in when I kick that doctor guy's ass. And.. CUT! "
    The camera cuts out as the credits roll.

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  2. Lmfao. I love this!