Storyline A Diamond In The Ring.

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    [The screen fades from black to a man, long brown hair which is a bit frizzy at the ends, with a chiseled jaw and some light stubble on the curve of his chin. He’s wearing a tight black shirt, who knows if he is wearing pants or not, the camera shows him from chest up.]

    A diamond in the rough is a term that describes someone who is exceptional at something they do but they lack a certain quality that makes them great. The term diamond in the rough partly describes myself. I am exceptional at what I do and what I do is wrestling. But do I lack a quality that makes me great? No. That pretty much means that I’m greater than the greatest, and better than the best and when I say that it tends to rub people the wrong way because I’m younger and haven’t “paid my dues”...oh and probably handsomer than them.

    [The man smirks.]

    I mean...Bret Hart was good, so was Shawn Michaels, and CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. I am better than them. Those very words leaving the mouth of anyone else would be false, and a lot of people do say that and all of them are wrong. Because there is a little spot in the back of their minds that says “am I wrong? that can’t be true. I’m not better than these legends” and that is called self doubt. And self doubt is weakness, I have no weakness. When I say the things I say I say them with absolute certainty. It isn’t a thing called cockiness, nor is it’s simply the truth.

    [The man distances himself from the camera, losing his smirk as he does.]

    You may be wondering who I am. Let me tell you, I'm 25 years old, absolutely handsome, amazing, great, awesome and my name is Aaron Sloane, a Diamond...In...The...Ring.

    [Sloane smirks again, then cocks his head back.]

    [The camera cuts to black]
  2. OOC: Nice use of "a diamond in the rough" gimmick. I like it. Makes me think of Aladdin though.