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  1. So there's this guy I know from a few years back who used to live where I did (Chicago) and had relocated to (Philly) where I have since moved. He's a wrestler (who's name I won;t mention) that took liking too but was really expressive. He had a habit of shouting "Awwwwesooome" any time something stupid happened.

    This will be silly and quite moronic of me to post, so I'll spoiler it for ya. This was a dream I had, I can't let go.

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    We had a moment one night and got 'close.' After getting 'intimate' he finishes and while he's 'over me' he screams "Awwwwesooome" and collapses. I wake up and this dream has never gone away.

    This was just a silly dream, but I needed to tell someone that didn't know him. I feel much better now.
  2. Is it :themiz:??

    Also - million dollar question - did you enjoy the dream?
  3. I actually did enjoy the dream and found it funny. No, it wasn't the Miz. :)))
  4. Sounds pretty similar to The Miz to me. Which I think would classify it as a nightmare.
  5. Was it me?
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  6. You were toeing the line of funny & creepy but then with this question you jumped across it.

    Funny hearing how a lady describes this dream with 'close' 'intimate' 'over me' ect. Imagine a dude describing this dream to his friends if he had it lol. It would sound a little different
  7. How would lads say it in the land of America?
  8. I can't help it your attractive forces drawed me in like that.
  9. lol

    (no offense to Kia, I would never put it in such grotesque terms when talking about a lovely lady such as herself)

    but some lads might put it as followed

    Hey remember that fine ass wrestling chick that was wanting my dick a few months back in Chi Town? Had a dream last night that we met up and she was all up on my cock and balls and we wound up fucking back at her place. I was railing her, about to bust so I jumped up and nutted in her eye like a champ, and of course in honor of my main man Miz when I did I let out an AWEEEEESOOOOOOMMMMME. She was all squinting and shit like "why'd you bust in my eye?!?!" and I was like listen trick gtfo of my bed and go make me a sandwich.


    or something along those lines
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  10. Looooooooooooool

    Had me giggling quite hard.
  11. Jesus Dolph, the girl is talking about her dream in a novel-ish way, and you had to make it extreme. :upset:
  12. Lololol Dolph's is a horny bastard with experience.
  13. [​IMG]
  14. Yeah you were from Chicago plus 2 rep
  15. Thanks to you guys, I don't feel so weird about it anymore. Although, anytime I watch RAW now and I hear Miz' intro I will think of some nameless guy having his moment and yelling that word.

    Crayo - This was a real person

    Dolphs' - No offense taken at all :)

    Windy - Good looking out for me
  16. Are you implying that Crayo is a fictitious character? :lol1:
  17. I'm not a real person now? :okay: :sad:

    Bye guys.
  18. You're my imaginary friend Crayo. You're my Hobbes.
  19. Oy Vay. So silly.
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