Storyline A Farewell To A Former Member.

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  1. "You know whilst the other talent leaps before a mine trying to grab the briefcase that Nick held, I for one am not going to stoop that low and scab something that had already been earned. You see my fellow wrestlers to achieve greatness in this industry you must acknowledge the fact that you have to earn what is rightfully someone elses. Look at me compared to the ones who are leaping for something that doesn't belong to them. "
    "Now granted I do have an odd win and loss record, and i may not be the toughest guy on the roster. However what separates me from the rest is that my heart is bigger then anyone else's back there. My heart is what is going to gain me a championship, not something that is left behind for a free for all."

    "So, Nick. I know you're watching... And i saw what was stated about me and part of it may be correct. Without you Marcus and Trip i wouldn't of found the back bone that has gotten me this far in my career, but it's because of people like you that make me more determine to compete and achieve greatness and for that i do thank you. " ​

    The Audience begins to clap in respect, as Aiden nods and leans on the ropes staring directly at the camera infront of him.
    "However, I am going to prove you wrong. At Money In The Bank you know i stood toe to toe with you and Harriet Vargas and proved my self domination, and that is going to be no different when you are gone. So make sure you keep a close eye on me, because the day we meet again... I will be holding your former X division championship above our heads, With a smile drawn upon my face knowing that i proved you, and everyone else out there that Aiden Ryan doesn't need a step ladder. For Aiden Ryan is a dominant force on his own." ​

    Lowering the microphone he mouths one more time "Thank you, And Farewell." before walking his feet behind him and exiting the ring. ​
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