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  1. *Dat Kid comes out in a wheelchair and stops at the stage*
    Cut my music! Now I was told to stay in the back...but that's not going to happen. You see, I'm not supposed to come back because I'm injured. Well allow me to set the record straight...

    *Dat Kid stands up perfectly fine and throws the wheelchair off the stage, nearly hitting the fans*

    I'm not injured at all. You see I was suppose to be taken off for a few weeks and scheduled to come back a couple months from now, but not anymore...because you see, certain people don't know how to follow the fucking rules.

    *starts walking down the ramp*

    Let's not sugar coat this, I'm talking about Aids Johnson and Rodrigo. For those of you who don't know this, the IWT, is a scripted program. We do this to insure that each and everyone one of you out here gets the best entertainment anywhere. However, when certain individuals decide to go off script and abandon things we have planned for months, that's a fucking problem

    *gets in the ring*

    You see, people like Rodrigo and Aids who are built up on the backs of people like myself are expected to stay with the company, NOT retire when things get a little tough backstage, and certainly NOT go to another fucking company because the paycheck is a little bit bigger. When people like THEM, do shit like that it not only hurts our product, but it hurts each and everyone one of you, who spend they're good hard earned money to watch this program. Now I was told not to come out here tonight, but quite frankly I am not going to let the company I carried on my back for nearly 6 months to die, just because some other company which has failed twice before decides to come back! My blood flows through this ring, through this arena, and it pours for each and every one of you. So I'm going to address something right now.

    We have two vacant titles right now, one of which is our most valued title, the WWE Championship. Now I don't make the matches here. I could easily get a job backstage, but every time I try to do that my ass gets dragged back in the ring. However our PPV is in a little over a week from now and we need a main event. It's probably not my business to do this, but we have a number one contender in Senhor Perfect, and he needs someone to fight against, so since you guys have the most to lose by having a champion abandon you without fair notice, I think it should be up to you to choose who Senhor goes against in Extreme Rules and I'll be damned if Britanica or Jonathan objects to who you want.

    So IWT fans, let your voice be heard, because now is the time for you to take control of the show
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    Off kayfabe: If i ever decide to return. It will be with the same character,i mean,I didnt leave the IWT because of the show. I was pissed. (Looking at you jono).
  3. You're not returning. I'll make sure of that ^

    About time someone spoke out Dat Kid, great post. Aids betrayed me and all of you, leaving us with months of preparation all down the fucking swanny.

    You have my vote, Sir, *gestures with hand, like a hologram is being sprayed to the crowd* Dat Kid vs Senhor for the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP!
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  4. Jesus Dat Russo From WCW, you're not suppose to tell everybody it's scripted, may I remind you what happened with Goldberg?
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