A Few Words For Your Head GM

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  1. I am giving you guys the opportunity to say anything on your mind.
    Think of it as a promo battle against me. If you do not wish to say anything against me, you can support me.
    Either way, I figured it would be a nice grounds for establishing character & GM relationships.

    *Please stay in character in relation to IWT*

    I will respond to everyone's comments. :otunga:

    *Opens door*

    Enter my office if you dare. :boss1: :tough:
  2. Heyyy, boss.
  3. bend over :ksi:
  4. Heyyy... You.

  5. You been out for awhile, what's the dealio? :tough:

    *enters your office and throws self onto couch*

    FTJ's has been ragin' at Jonathan Maddox this past week.

    *pets cat next to me*

    Pretty hilarious, really. :dawg:
  6. I take it no one gave you the "pants are optional" is no longer an option memo. :harvey:

  7. I had to take a personal day... Well, week. You know how it is.
    I think Jonathan Maddox has been doing a pretty good job in my absence.
    So.. What can I do for you on this fine evening?

    *Pulls out Galaxy, pretends to read an important e-mail but really, just watching a cat video on youtube*
  8. I am shocked no one else has anything to say. :shock:
  9. Hi madame GM, it's nice to see that you've returned to resume the duties you were hired to do. With that being said, I would like to reiterate my appreciation to you for giving me the opportunity to challenge for the tag team championship as well as the Divas Championship. Thankfully you understood the prowess that I would be able to exhibit in the IWT and I've already won two titles in my rookie year. With that said, I will continue to demonstrate to the IWT that I am the best new talent in this business. Our partnership is vital to the IWT's success and hopefully you will continue to support and allow me to challenge for many titles in the future. I would hate for animosity to come between us and to create an unwanted enemy.

    *Victoria extends her hand to Brit*
  10. Hi. You suck. - From Nitro.
  11. HE SUCK AS GM! HE SHOULD BE REMOVED! He make up shit as he go along! Even seabs agree with me on this. He said i could get a world title shot then he said i have earn it after the fact even seabs said i number 1 conder. He try subpaued for soming i tould a month to changed. U SHOULD REMOVED AS GM!
  13. Move out of my way you idiot

    *throws water boy down the hall*

    Maria! Explain to me why I'm not in the number one contender's match for the World Heavyweight Championship and the guy I beat last Sunday is!

    *turns to Gohan*

    By the way, there is no Smackdown here you idiot

    I accepted your post as an official challenge to @Christian's World Title. I put it in the OP of Challenge a Champion. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THE MATCH IS OFFICIAL. It means I have recognised your post as a challenege to a champion and added it to the OP so that the CHAMPIONS CAN SEE WHO WANTS TO CHALLENEGE THEM. Christian then denied the challenege and wants you to face Baraa. I can't put you in a match vs. Christian without Christian accept.

    Now fuck off with this bullshit.

    Rant over.
  15. It's true, this deserves to be explained! In the end he'll lose, I propose a triple threat match!
  16. [​IMG] Even agree with me u gave title shot and then said i have to get a number conder by beating baraa which i don't promalm doing but u did give me a title shot wether u amint or not ur wrong!
  18. OK well first off you're not allowed to post screenshots of PM's, I'm sure @seabs won't be happy with that.

    I accepted your challenge, that does not mean the match is made. It just means I will put it in the OP so Christian can see who wants to face him.

    Give me a link where I said the match is made and official, becuase I did not say that.
  19. Meh it's not much of a problem, this is up to Jonathan and Britanica Gohan. I'll step in and discuss things on your behalf if it's an issue but you've got to respect the GMs wishes too. Just go and drop a pipebomb on baraa and lets go claim that title Champ.
  20. It won't if I can you won't have your SmackDown, it's a better idea make two brands imo. The WWE brand and the TNA brand, the actual title go to the WWE brand (all the actual titles) and we make the TNA titles, it'd be better imo