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  1. Michael is being followed by a camera crew, but he largely ignores them. They follow him down the hall and just as he enters his office he tells them to stay behind and swings the door, but it is left unclosed. The camera zooms in on Michael, between the crack. He sits at his desk with another man sitting in-front of him. He seems about the same size as Michael, but his identity is concealed by a hood and his back to the camera.

    Michael: Great to have you here, my man. You know, we've had our differences, but I can guarantee you that those days are behind us. Despite what I've said before, I respect you and I appreciate what you've done in IWT. Some may think it wasn't enough, some may think it was enough. Just know that I appreciate it, regardless.

    Mystery man nods his head and goes on an inaudible monologue.

    Michael: That's great to know, so it's official, we're partners?

    Mystery man nods his head and says something inaudible. Michael chuckles and rubs his hands. He stands up and starts pacing in-front of the mystery man.

    Michael: Just know that we're gonna ravage this damn tournament. All those ungrateful motherfuckers will realize who built them this playground, that they soil. They will learn that the reason they have the bread is because, we planted the wheat. We're the gods of this place, but we're looked at as some pass-overs. It's time we stand up and end these guys, they have yet to know what we can do. They have yet to know what we've done for them...They have yet to know what we will do to them. It's time we bring them a wake-up call.

    Michael extends his hand and it is shaken by the mystery man. Michael sees the camera and charges the door, and slams it shut.
  2. FTJ return confirmed
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  3. Either that or BasedGodDarth, for real
  4. If this is Jono I will laugh so fucking hard
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