A Friendly Challenge!

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  1. Standing In the middle of the Aiden has the microphone in one hand while he has a trumpet in another.
    Aiden lifts the trumpet up and makes horrific noises out of it.

    "Hear Me! Hear Me!"

    Aiden Laughs into the microphone.
    "Sorry, Let me be serious for a quick second."

    Aiden Put's the trumpet down in the corner.

    "Joke's aside this company has many talents and You know i want to be that guy that people look at and be like. "Oh Hey, You're Aiden Ryan!?" And for me to be like "Why Yes I am." and for them to be like "Please, Please, PLEASE! Sign My Non Existent chest." and for me to be like Okay! OkAY! WAIT... I'm getting side tracked. The point is everyone here is really great, and I want to be one of the greats to! And before you die hard fans sit there being like "Well Aiden Ryan, you are going to have to go through the best of the best and the baddest of the baddest and all that jazzy stuff" I am prepared for that. So, If anyone back there wants to have a friendly match feel free to come out."

    Aiden leans on the ropes and looks up at the entrance ramp waiting.
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  3. OOC: Alright. :)
  4. OOC: Sorry. When I was about to start writing, the site went down for a few hours. I had totally forgot about this afterwards.
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  5. *The Dazzler walks around the 57 second mark to a very strong mixed reaction. He's wearing his normal black pants, black boots, shades, and black vest. The Dazzler has a mic in his hand as he stays on the entrance ramp.*

    Dazzler: Who........in the blue hell.............are you?

    Ryan: My name is......

    Dazzler: It doesn't matter who you are!

    *Another strong mix reaction.*

    Dazzler: You know, The Dazzler was just like you when he first started. He was young, bold, and wanted to be the best. He wanted to be a man of the people. He wanted to be that young kid who came in humbled and showed respect to everyone higher up than him. That's how The Dazzler used to be, but then The Dazzler realized something. He realized that respect and these people don't mean crap. The Dazzler learned that he needs to go only by his rules, not anybody elses. About 6 months ago, The Dazzler would be standing here talking about his destiny being the future. Six months later, and The Dazzler IS the future. There is nobody else better than him, and these people know that. The Dazzler's main event time may not be happening now, but you can bet your bottom dollar that it will before years end. The Dazzler is answering this challenge to make you an example. You will a prime example of what happens when you face off against a pissed Dazzler. Here's a hint. You get your own head shoved up your own candy ass, jabroni!
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  6. Aiden pushes off the ropes and walks back slowly.

    "Uh, Oh Gosh, It's like Homer Simpson on crack. you're going to have to tone it down a notch"

    Aiden Get's a cheap pop while he shrugs at the fans and laughs.

    "Look, Dazzler. Let's be serious. You are already the man of this company, you are one of the top dogs here in this company. I saw you at the rumble. I was watching. And you sit there and you act like you've done nothing? You are one of the stars in IWT uprising intro, Listen to those fans when you come out. they don't know if to boo you or to throw their bras at you. Look at those signs! Look at all the people out here that look up to you.... and you still think you have alot more to prove? Dude I am still a fan of you but I refuse to be belittled by some wack job that is blind to his own success. So you know what? You name the place and i will be there. I will make sure you remember me."

    Aiden Looks down as his voice get's serious.

    "In words you may understand... Just bring it."

    OOC: I'm sorry if this seemed sloppy. I'm not feeling too well.
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  7. *The Dazzler smirks from the top of the entrance ramp.*

    Dazzler: Seems that you may be kissing too much ass for your own good, right now. We can have a match whenever you're ready. Now, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, it doesn't matter. The end result will always see The Dazzler on top. The Dazzler is going to bring it. He just hopes you bring it. "IT" being Lubrication, because The Dazzler is about to shove his boot up your candy ass.

    OOC: It's fine.

    @Shadow or @Jonathan
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  8. Kousaki: I'm busy with my own match at EC. Why don't you do yourself a favor and get someone worth the challenge. Make yourself a name. In my mind, by the looks of it, you're making yourself an ass.
  9. Chris Kaizer: Hold on, you are telling him to make a name for him self, but I have no idea who you are.
  10. Kousaki: Haven't debuted in a match yet. I'm just hanging around here for the time being.
  11. OOC: When do you two want your match made?
  12. I'm fine with whenever.
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  13. Whenever is possible.