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  1. Uprising Before Aiden Ryan's Match.

    A door behind Aiden Ryan closes as the door then reads IWT General Manger. The camera zooms down to on Aiden to which in his hand reveals a contract for summerslam. He begins to walk down the hallways of the arena backstage and looks around for the people he is looking for. Eventually as a minute passes a smile draws upon the face of Aiden as his walking pace hurries. The camera shifts directions to Pain And The British Kid who seem to be standing there waiting for him.


    Aiden smiles placing the contract down on the crate beside them.

    "I called you both here today, not only to support me in my match against Trevor, But to give something back to you both for being there and supporting me through-out this amazing journey. All three of us know that in this company one can be the loneliest number to ever meet, So with that being said. I went to the general manger. I asked him if I do not become victorious in this tournament can I at least have two people who I know deserve a spot on the card to prove themselves as well. He agreed, I signed, He signed, The other team is still pending to sign however this could be a chance for you British Kid to prove that you are not to be overlooked, and this can be your return match as I know you are itching to get into that ring, Pain. Gentleman, You're heading to summerslam"

    The audience erupts in cheers as Aiden pulls out two pens and hands them both to his close friends.

    "I must warn you both though, this new team is going to test you to the limits, you have to be on your best game in order to match up with these two men. Sadly, Me and The GM both agreed that I should not be at ringside, as known as I am for my anger outbursts it would only distract you both from being able to complete the match. "

    Aiden rests his hands on the crate and nods.

    "So who will sign first?"

    The Camera switches to both Pain And The British Kid.

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  2. The camera turns around to see Pain towering over the contract.

    "The biggest Even of the summer? Try and stop me!"

    He grabs the pen and signs in proper wrestling fashion with a lot of big motions.

    "Not that it matters but... Who are we facing?"

    He looks at British Kid.

    "Let's show them what we're made of. You in?"
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  3. *The British Kid smiles at the Offer of Aiden*
    Kid: Lets see the Contract
    *Kid quickly Scans the Contract and notices one of the opponients name and chuckles*
    Kid: Hell yeah im in
    *Kid signs the contract*
    Kid: first match without my dudes with ready
  4. "Well alright then!"

    Pain puts his hand forward.

    "I'm looking forward to teaming with you BK, gonna be fun!"
  5. *Kid smirks and handshakes Pain*
    Kid: small warning when we go out there i might start ending words with a idea why
  6. Pain nods "We all have our little superstitions right?"
  7. Kid: yea and some can starts out of going to get a mountain Dew
    *Kid walks out of shot*
  8. The shot shows Pain with a quizzical look and looks at Aiden (@Butters!)

    "Is he all okay" he asks pointing to his head "You know, up here?" he smirks "I wouldn't have to worry about him during the match right?"