Storyline A Helping Hand

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  1. We fade in to the backstage area of IWA where Lucas is nervously chewing his nails atop one of the crates that store electrical equipment. The slightest sound or passer-by sends him into a slight fit of hysteria that takes several minutes to calm him down from. After a few minutes of this Lucas almost seems to lighten up, his breathing slowing and his nervousness receding. Until suddenly a large chop across Lucas' chest sends him flying backwards and off the crate.

    We look up to see the scarred and deranged face of Danny Jacobs, a sick smile etched on his mouth.

    Danny Jacobs:
    ''Listen, ****. I'm your fucking tag partner now. Do you have any problems with that?''

    Lucas: ''I... I don't want that...''

    Danny Jacobs looks at the skinny 121-pound Lucas, laughs at his body and at his answer, and bitch-slaps Lucas out of nowhere.

    Danny Jacobs: ''I'll ask you one more time, motherfucker. Do you have any problems with that?''

    Lucas looks at the ground, as a tear or two drop on the floor and begins to weepingly answers Danny Jacobs' demand.

    ''Okay, I'm sorry...''

    Danny Jacobs: ''Good... Now do some push-ups, you fucking twink. I have to get you ready for your next match.''

    Lucas: ''But... I don't wa..''

    Danny Jacobs: ''NOW!''

    Lucas: ''Okay, sir...''

    Danny Jacobs pushes him to the ground, and tells him to do 10 push-ups. Lucas does one, and begins to struggles at the second push-up. As Lucas gets really red, Danny Jacobs begins to sit on him. Lucas falls on the floor and cries as the screen turns black...

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