Storyline A Holiday Message

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  1. *The theme hits as ??? appears in his command point, he walks down the crystal clear hallway in his usual hoodie and jeans, he takes a seat, in the background a Xmas tree can be seen and a podium surrounded in glass holding the IC Title*

    Hello, I am- *Laughs* I'm not telling you minions who I am, the holiday season is upon us, and after a programming error when I created your prototypes have caused you all to be fooled about the previous eras of this world and you all believe in mythical creatures like Santa Clause and expect presents on Christmas Day when really Christmas Day is just another day with no meaning except from your idiotic ideas of it, We tried to kill off the prototype with hitmen but they survived long enough to spread the idea of Christmas, so might as well embrace it with as you can see behind me a lovely tree and presents, lets see what we have here.

    *??? walks over to the tree and picks up a present*

    Who is this from? Oh lovely! To Me From Me!

    *??? opens it, its is Ornament Polish*

    Oh I know where this would come in handy, my other Christmas Present!

    *???? walks over to the podium, the glass rises off it and he picks up the title, he polishes it and sits down with the title on his shoulder*

    B Dazzle, as you watch me, I hold the title as a champion, your name may be on the title page of IWT.COM but you are no champion, A champion holds his title with grace and honour vowing to take on any challengers and you are NOT THAT. You run from every challenge to drink beer and act like an idiotic moron, and hey thats your life but how dare you destroy the legacy of the greatest title in wrestling history, the greats like @Senhor Perfect , @El Homo , Mr Perfect, Bret Hart, Owen Hart, The British Bulldog and now ME. Because win or lose at The Slammys I will still leave with this title and be able to call myself champion, I will chase you till the end of the earth until I officially take what is mine.

    This holiday season you will sit at home, grieving over your beer because you have lost everything you never deserved and its finally dawning on you that you will never be what I am.

    Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas you bunch of arseholes because im the mother fuckin grinch

    *???? stands off and walks into the darkness with the title*


    This message has been brought to you by ??? The Christmas Grinch.​
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  2. OOC : It was pretty funny how you called Senhor Perfect a homo. Senhor Perfect, the homo :haha:
  3. Only in Spanish speaking countries.
  4. The world speaks Spanish.
  5. Kaizer: So, are they are remaking the Grinch movie or is ???, Jim Carrey?
  6. Shhhhhhhh