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    *The scene opens with Trip in the Head sitting at his new desk after the old one had shoe marks and knife gouges in it. There is nothing on it yet and he is wiping it with a rag. Suddenly there's a knock at the door.*

    TRIP: Who is it?

    *A IWT Staff member pops there head in the door*

    IWT Staff: Sir, we may have a situation.

    TRIP: What NOW? *The staff member enters and speaks to Trip quietly as his eyes grow wide suddenly* WHAT!? Call the local authorities and get them over here now!

    *Trip gets up from his desk and walks out the door as the camera follows. He turns down a couple of halls and finds himself at the entrance at the back of the arena for the IWT superstars. Trip starts shouting at the security to close the big doors because of the issue*

    *An IWTN commercial flashes followed by a vignette highlighting the 2 MITB contract ladder matches with the official MITB theme song - Money by Pink Floyd - plays in the bakground*

    *The scene returns and the cameras have moved to the exterior of the entrance which is now closed up and heavily guarded by security and local authorities. Trip stands amongst them with his arms crossed waiting in anticipation for the foretold arrival. The IWT Staff member from before approaches Trip in the Head*

    IWT Staff: Wow the local authorities sure did get here quick. Almost like they were waiting for our call.

    TRIP: *glares at the staff member:bury:* Shut up.

    *Just then a vehicle drives up and the guards hands snap to their weapons and prepare themselves. Trip approaches the car and opens the door as the passenger exits the vehicle*

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  2. Victoria slowly exits the vehicle, clapping as she lets herself out. She looks around her, taking in the security guards before she turns her attention back to Trip with a smile on her face. "Wow Trip, look at you all grown up. Things certainly have changed while I've been gone. And look at what you've been able to accomplish in such a short period of time! At least the security has drastically improved."

    Getting serious, Victoria held her hands behind her back, leaning forward slightly to get a closer look at Trip. "Now, I can just imagine the horrors you must be envisioning upon seeing my return. I can't say I blame you. My behavior was erratic, disturbing, and dangerous to everyone around me. That's why I did what I did and voluntarily turned myself in to the authorities. With a little luck and obvious skill from my lawyer, I was able to serve my time in a rehabilitation center. Before you start to think the worse that I broke out or did something much worse and shouldn't be here, I promise that I was medically cleared to come back. Scout's honor."

    Standing up straight with a smile, Victoria did a little spin in front of him in her green dress and black chucks. "If you don't believe me, take a really close look at what you see. I was a mess Trip, and not just on the inside. Do you see even the slightest hair on my head out of place? Do my clothes look soiled? Do I look like I haven't slept in days? The answer to those questions would be no. I feel better than I ever have, and I have my doctors and the rest of the staff to thank for that."

    Leaning casually up against the van, Victoria handed her phone to Trip. Victoria had not given any attention to the various guards, despite all the guns that still remained pointed at her. "Hopefully that's convinced you, but if it hasn't, you can go right ahead and call them. I understand you have a business to run and you need to be cautious about who's coming and going. Whether you call or not, you'll see that I have every right to be here just like every other member of the roster. And when you do, you'll realize you can call off all of your loyal henchmen here and let me in."
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  3. *Trip smiles at what he sees and talks the phone casually, looking it over for a minute. He walks around with the phone as he dials the doctor and speaks with him, confirming what Victoria Parker has claimed. He hands the phone back to Victoria*

    TRIP: Well look at you. Like a glimmer of sunshine on a dark cloudy day. Your doctors have corroborated your story, as you said they would. Sorry to seem distrusting with all the security but I gotta cover my ass after all. I'm glad you like what I've done. Too bad the security in my office wasn't this good. :bury: But this, you, here, now..........what exactly are you doing here now? I mean, I get you want back in to compete, and that's all well and good, but your not even on the card for MITB darling. Is there something I can do for you Parker?​
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  4. Victoria watched as the guns were lowered and the security guards and police officers stepped back from the van. Getting off the van she was leaning on, she held out her hand and took her phone back from Trip. "Thank goodness we got that resolved. I was afraid I was going to have to fight my way in. Although I do enjoy a good fight and an obscene challenge as this would have been, I'm glad this was resolved without a problem."

    Smiling at him again, she stood near him and playfully nudged his arm. "Although the majority of my time and energy was spent on my recovery, I still had time to tune in to the IWT. With big name talent such as myself leaving among others, attendance and participation has been at an all-time low. You've done what you can to keep the company afloat but you're still struggling to keep things moving. As a member of the roster, I know that this company is capable of changing the face of professional wrestling. So, you asked me earlier what I'm doing here now. Well Trippy, I'm here to help you make this company shine again. Whether you love me or hate me, I put people in those seats which makes me the main event darling of the IWT. With my new-found look on my career as well as my sound mind, that makes for great television."

    Looking back at him sincerely and maintaining his eye contact, she clasped her hands together in front of her, her arms hanging down by her waist. "I just want the opportunity to make up for the things I've done. You know better than anyone else what can happen when you succumb to the darkness and lose sight of who you once were. I'd love a match at Money In The Bank or some role in the show, but ultimately it's up to you what you'd like to see me do or not do. Although I think involving me would be a wise business decision, this is your show and I will accept whatever decision you make."
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  5. *Trip smiles and you can almost see $$$s flash in his eyes*

    TRIP: Well, we do still have a day open (OOC:Wednesday) and I have this new fellow by the name of Robert Hirax (@Big Boss ) who was looking to challenge for the recently vacated Hardcore championship and with the majority of the roster involved in the contract ladder matches I didn't have anyone for him to face. Now I know this lower tier belt might someone of your stature, but a match is a match is it not? And what better why to start proving to IWT and your fans that you are back with a purpose than with a belt around your waist? So waddaya say Ms. Parker? You in?

    *Trip extends his hand looking for a friendly handshake*
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  6. Thinking for a moment tapping her lower lip, Victoria pulled her hand away from her face and nodded with a smile. "You have exceeded my expectations. Having a title match upon my return is a great opportunity. I accept your offer." Victoria extended her hand and shook Trip's hand in a friendly handshake.

    "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some training to do and a match to prepare for." Opening up the van and grabbing her gym bag, she put it on her shoulder and looked at Trip again. "Care to give me a tour?"
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  7. TRIP: *smiles* Why I would love nothing better. *Trip offers his arm to Victoria and he escorts her through the crowd of security and opens the door. He holds it open and motions for Victoria to go in first* After you. *As Victoria walks past him he says* Welcome back. *with a grin*
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