A joke about The Netherlands that I found really funny.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Jose Tortilla, May 31, 2012.

  1. i dont get it. are the netherland people known for getting high?
  2. Yup. Pot is legal there. As is prostitution I believe (back me up here Jose) It is also below sealevel.
  3. Prostitution is, weed is, pretty much everything is. They have a red light district which is epic too.
  4. They're trying to cut the hookers a little bit. But it's not going to happen for sure.

    Pimps are above the law, yo.. :laugh:
  5. They can hide above the law.
  6. I guess.. It's not really a thing I see.. I've took a walk once or twice in a district and it was just funny to see those guys walking around thinking that they were absolute bosses..
  7. So I suppose you like it up there, don't you Jose?
  8. no wonder he finds it funny, hes from there. if you're from america you wouldn't really get it. :downer:
  9. Meh.. It's normal here.. Never been to one tho.. I'm not like that, you know. But still, people who are like: 'OH WEED, OH HOOKERS!' Crack me up for real.. :laugh:
  10. I've been to the red light district on a trip with my football team. Obviously only being 13 at the time this was the most awesome experience of our lives. We then bought weed lollypops which didn't work :emoji_slight_frown:

    STill got my weed boxers though!
  11. I'm Brazilian dude, not American. :dawg:

    I see. I'm not to high on drugs and hookers though. Just asking to have something to post. :haha:
  12. South america.? :tough:
  13. Yes, South America. :burns:
  14. I'm moving to Netherlands after this. Jose, you know some good bars, hotels and so? :boss:
  15. Only this is like 2 to 5 minutes away from me..

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  16. Mother of God.

    I. Must. Visit. The. Netherlands.
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  17. You really like it or are you sarcastic?

    Lol, can't tell..
  18. Ay, do you do weed? If so send a couple grams secretly down to me in America!
  19. Naa, I don't do weed. I can send you some, but the border is pretty tough here..
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