Storyline A little change in direction

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  1. *At the gas station*
    Dexx: It was tough really, David a hard guy to beat.
    Attendant: Hey! You did a great job out there, you'll get there!
    Dexx: Yeah hehe, hopefully. I mean, I knew maybe I wasn't to be the X champ but I couldn't let the guy get away without a match.
    *A van pulls up*
    Dexx: ???
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  2. *Mike Boston appears out of the back of the van*
    Mike: excuse me, but, I know I don't have an orange to give you but me and my friend are lost looking for Da Beacon and was wonder- .....!
    WAIT *Looks at map, stares at Dexx*
    Mike: OF COURSE! *Starts bowing to Dexx* GREETINGS BEACON!!!!
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  3. Dexx: *Looks around* Uhhhhh...Beacon?
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  4. *Mike takes out an iPhone*
    Mike: Face time Master Wang!
    *Leo comes up on the phone screen*
    Leo: Ah! Greetings! Beacon Duggan! Much you have to learn but some you know already. Tell me! Does the acorn reach the moose or does the peacock kick the moose?
  5. Dexx: Uhh... I don't know... both?
  6. Leo: Gasp! CORRECT! IT'S HIM! Xaviar! Escort him to me Yoolio ritual 54 style! Boston! Take his locomotive! Thats his stallion right there! We must make haste while the Gorilla pray frequently to the zebra priest! *End face time call*
    *Xaviar puts a bag over Duggan, throws him into the van and drives off, Mike skips into Dexx's Jeep and drives off, the Attendant just stares*
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  7. Dexx: MMMMMM! MMMMMMM! *Off goes the van, this ends the scene*
  8. OOC: I don't know what I just read but I loved it.
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  9. lol this was pretty hilarious/awesome. Weird, but I cant wait to see it translate over to your matches.
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