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  1. A shaky, handheld camera is turned on, revealing Nick's face. He takes a deep breath and begins speaking.

    "I'm TIRED, of being screwed. The fact that I'm not the X-Division champion right now is disgusting. I have no problem with facing Harriet Vargas again, but if you ask me it should be my first title defense - and I'm sure a lot of people agree with me. So, to avoid any other problems, I got some insurance."

    "There's a group of guys in IWT that can only be described by one word. Excellence. I need some insurance that i will be destined for excellence by securing the X-Division title. So I had a talk with them, and it appears we're on good terms. When people joined this group, they went from being irrelevant, losing, and on a downward spiral to being recognized, winners, and champions. I'm talking about none other than... The Order."

    Nick smirks.

    "You look at Alias Antonio. He loses the tag team titles, joins The Order, becomes the X-Division champion and dominates. You look at Trip in the Head and Marcus Anthony. They went from obscurity to tag team champions. Then Farooq. He FINALLY got the moment he deserved at Mania by defeating FTJ and is now a top contender for the IWT title. I know I'm destined for greatness, and being with The Order will only speed up this process. So, Harriet Vargas, you will give in to Nick and the rest of the IWT..."

    He pauses and moves closer to the camera.

    "You will give in to The Order."

    He throws the camera aside and the video abruptly ends.
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  2. Harriet is seated on a tall stool backstage, as the video ends the interviewer focuses her attention on Harriet.

    So Harriet, now you've seen the message Nick sent out regarding his status in the IWT, I have to ask how does that make you feel?

    Harriet takes a breath as she bites her lip, contemplating her answers.

    Amused, although not surprised about his whining. Nick disappears for months on end and walks into the #1 contender match and still cries 'screwed'. It's beyond pathetic- champions don't cry and make excuses. And the fact that he think's he should be champion instantly is the most absurd thing I've ever heard.

    doesn't deserve this title at all. But, it won't be a problem since he won't be getting the title.

    Do you think you're the person to stop him?

    Of course I am. Nick was extremely lucky to beat me at Mania- it was luck, pure and simple. But his luck has run out and nothing that he or The Order can do will change that.

    You don't feel threatened now Nick is with The Order?

    I wasn't threatened before and I won't be threatened now he's clinging to their coat tails. Showing how much of a hypocrite he really is- you remember how he criticized- and made accusations about my affiliations and yet here is, seemingly latching to The Order in hopes of scoring some popularity and boosting his name.

    Harriet, do you have anything else like you'd like to add?

    I do.

    Harriet turns to look directly at the camera.

    Nick, your scare tactics failed. Your little 'scary movie' failed - I won't be intimidated by you or your new friends.
    The X-Division title will be mine, so you might as well start preparing your next 'I got screwed' speech.

    I'll see you in the ring.

    Harriet smirks at the camera before rising from the stool and heading towards the locker rooms. The interviewer looks confused, watching Harriet saunter away.
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