Storyline A Look Into Joey Bryant vs Alias Antonio

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  1. *During RAW after a match, the feed cuts to the titantron where a video begins to play...*

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    OOC: @THG?, Everyone watch all the way through, worked pretty hard on this and I think it adds even more hype to our match.
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  2. OOC: That was very nice, well done. Also, loved my pic at the end :heenan:
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  3. Such a good song choice, Mayday is great. Good stuff
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  4. Nice job, should have made THG be doink the clown though. I'm just glad to see two champions in the match and not From going for it. Nick vs Dat kid should be Nick's 5th x-title match, that would be a perfect stepup into the big leagues. Nickle vs Black.
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  5. Awesome stuff, really enjoyed it. Perfect video package, I know @Dat Kid wanted to write a video package up or something too like what he did for his match vs. Trip.
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  6. I was gonna make one, dont need to now
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  7. Well I mean you still could, the video doesn't really cover everything including your involvement and Trip as well. Up to you, but I'd be down with seein it.
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  8. #irrelevant
  9. DK, that was sick. If you ever get injured in IWT and can never wrestle again, you should just make rivalry packages for IWT.
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  10. That was fucking awesome. Will holla at the boy.
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