A look into Vince's mind

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  1. So the director of Swerved did an AMA on Reddit. And got asked if Vince wrote anything for the show. Here's his answer:


    The mind of Vince McMahon, ladies and gentlemen
  2. Lmao I saw this yesterday as well. Funny as hell. Dude's seriously got the mind of a child.
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  3. Hahha what is with this guy and asses and poop!
  4. Without reading the OP, I'd just like to predict that Vince's mind is full of silicon, toilet humor, baby oil and anything that's big and somewhat disturbing.
  5. Not disappointed :obama:
  6. yeaaaaaahhhh.... lol I find Vince fascinating. He's a high functioning madman. WWE wouldn't be where it is without him, yet there's a paradoxical sort of thing where he needs to die for it to improve to the next level that Hunter, Steph, and Shane would take it to.
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  7. The mind of a genius.
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  8. The real poo bit got me bad.:kofi:
  9. Vince should of been Trumps VP
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  10. This is the man who's reaction to shitting his pants backstage was to hang them on a stick and chase Gerry Brisco around with it.

    Vince and poop goes hand in hand
  11. Yeah. That'd bring some credibility to it.
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  12. I guess that makes Vince the Mozart of pro wrestling.