A loss is sometimes better than a win

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  1. A prime example is Austin vs Hart, say Steve wins we miss out on him refusing to tap in a pool of his own blood before walking out without assistance. Does any one have any other examples of a guy jobbing helping his career? I suppose HBK vs Taker in an odd way as it offered a fresher element to Shawn than we'd seen for a long time when he became obsessed with the streak.
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  2. Eighteen seconds.
  3. Bret/Austin is the perfect example.

    Punk/Undertaker at WM this year might work as well. Punk taking Undertaker to his limit and having people standing on their feet believing that he's actually gonna pull it off would do wonders for how big of a star people perceive him as, whereas if he went in and beat the streak, some might still perceive it as a bit overwhelming and hard to swallow. Very weird situation, but on some level I can see where it makes sense.

    Imagine Wrestlemania 25 had the 1995 version of Shawn Michaels going up against the 2009 version of Undertaker. If he had come that close to ending the sport's greatest streak and just barely failed, it would have made people look at him as a much bigger star than winning the world title itself would have done (or just as much.)

    If you threw Daniel Bryan in there with Brock Lesnar and had him last as an underdog for awhile and even had him manage to slap on a hold on Lesnar at one point that could make Lesnar tap out, that would do just as much for him as a victory would.

    Winning also doesn't automatically guarantee that the guy will get more over or become a bigger star. Not if they don't buy the victory. Kidman beating Hogan in 2000 WCW didn't get him more over. Cody Rhodes going out there and defeating The Rock (or even John Cena) fairly would him no favors. No one would believe it.
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  4. Yeah, a loss can be much better. KL mentioned the example I was going to when I read the thread's title, Punk vs Taker, Punk beating him would be hard to swallow, but him coming very very close would be great.
  5. If you're referring to DB then I have to disagree. It was the crowd that pushed DB that night. The yes chants were there before the show even started and that same hyped mania crowd showed up in a smaller arena which made those chants even louder, hence the investment in Bryan because of that popularity, the way I see it
  6. Would he have been as popular if he'd jobbed in 30 minutes instead though? It's a great thought as their are an infinite number of ways it could have gone.
  7. If DB was allowed to give a WM performance and steal the show of course he would have been popular.
  8. He was stealing the show before and getting heat lol, DB has been stealing the show since he was brought up and was never as popular as he was post WM. Great performers have gone on to get lil / no reaction in the past why would Bryan be any different? ADR had a great match with Christian as an example and got crickets, why didn't he get popular then?
  9. Crazy part about that match is Austin was afraid to blade cause he had never done it before. At the time blading was banned in WWE so Bret had to make it look like an accident so they wouldn't get in trouble. Bret actually cut Austin, which was done on the spot during the match. Source is Bret's book. So that part, one of the most iconic WM moments, wasn't even planned by creative.
  10. That's true, but if you steal the show at mania you are basically set for your entire career. The 18 second bit was big moment, but that actually caused Sheamus to get quite the amount of heat since the arena was full of smarks, but you couldnt hear that on TV since the voices of women and children tend to over power the men. I agree that DB post mania was great, but that moment wasn't the reason for it, the crowd made him. Once one crowd starts chanting something, the next crowd follows.

    Let's not get on Christian because that heads in a whole nother direction with me :haha:
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  11. I would say the D-Bry losing at WM but like said above, that didn't make a difference. He already won the crowd over.