Storyline A Message For Mystical George

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  1. Dat Kid walks out George-esque, to the beat of George's theme. The Cure @JwabHDTV & @D-D-David follows closely behind Dat Kid. Kid stops at the top of the stage and motions someone to come out. Joey Bryant @DK James steps from behind the curtains. Joey Bryant chants start immediately as the group walks down to the ring. Kid grabs a mic and slides into the ring.

    Georgie-boy, where you been? You got me all excited with your e-mails from your dial-up internet connection and I've been waiting for you to say something for quite some time now, but yet here I stand disappointed in you. Not only am I disappointed, but these people are disappointed. That seems to be synonymous with your name now a days George. These people idolize you as the greatest performer to ever step into the IWT, but when it's time for action you are nowhere to be found.

    So @Mystical George , here I am, doing what you don't have the nerve to. I am officially challenging you to a match at Wrestlemania 2.

    The crowd pops.

    Hold on a second people. However, if you want this match as much as your actions have said you do, then you have to come down that ramp, step in this ring with me, look me in the eyes like the naive man you are, and accept my challenge. Now here's the fun part, we both know that ain't gonna happen because your ass is too damn scared to come back to the IWT, let alone in a ring with me. So, I don't expect you to accept this challenge, I just wanted to show the world how much of a fickle man you are.

    Then they will realize they shouldn't be worshipping the dead idol that is Mystical George and start practicing the beliefs of Kidism. So we've got 9 weeks until Wrestlemania. 9 weeks for you to get off the couch, stop reminiscing about the good old days with has-beens like Seabs, Senhor Perfect, & Christian, then meet me face to face, and accept my challenge.

    ...because at Wrestlemania, whether I'm champion or not, god will put an end to false idols. Jesus wept.
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