Storyline "A Message From Me To You Know Who''s"

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  1. The Audience erupts in cheers as Aiden Ryan bursts out from the curtian.

    Standing on the rampway he then walks down to the ring brushing his hands on the audience hands who have extended their palms out. He slowly makes his way up the steel steps and scales the top rope with his index finger before entering in the ring.

    Awaiting a microphone that he eventually reveices he smirks.

    "My oh my have the mighty fallen."

    "For The past two weeks I have been tugged back and forth through a never ending reign of despair, now it's ironic that i use that word as most of the men i fight against a left with despair, so to have me admit that i am at an all time low isn't exactly the prime of my career. You see ladies and gentleman, This company is based off of anything, that anything being a major factor to which can screw alot of people over. Now you see I was meant to be competing at Night Of Champions to determine who the rightful champion should be but sadly that is no longer the case, I am going to be put in a triple threat match against a man I've already beaten, and a man i have yet to encounter. Now i would be lying if i were to say i wasn't a tad bit disappointed about the outcome of what had happened but thus that being said that gives me time to reflect and prove myself as the number one contender for that title."

    "Now i know that i am without a doubt the number one contender for that championship, no if, and's or but's to be thrown in the fire, however i am a fair fighter and with that also being said Trevor, Lee. Listen up, Okay? Now it's taken me quite some time to build my dominance level here in IWT and come our match it's going to be no different so let me spare you the trouble, Gentleman.... I will gladly take the number one contendership off of your hands to avoid you two humiliating yourselves infront of the entire world, simply lay down or don't show up it's really up to you but the fact is gentleman we know who is going to be the next X division champion...

    And it certainly isn't going either one of you, just know that i'm doing you both a massive favor, that being and a warning to you both to not step in my way. Trevor you should know this by now, And Lee you should ask him about the trashing i delivered upon him.... Now moving onto other news..."

    Aiden slowly walks his way to the ropes and leans his free arm over it. tilting his body he rests his side on the ring ropes and looks up at the ramp.

    "I do not like it when my friends are being targeted, and i've had some time to sit and think about the hectic behavior that "Big Zeke" has been displaying... You see... You can bring up my past as much as you want, but dare you bring Brandon's past into the mix? you're opening a can you will not like. You see ZEKE... I may come across as this naive fool in your eyes but the difference between you and i is that i have no idea why you are targeting me, as far as i'm concerned you're just another one of those sad, lonely, pathetic, unlovable men who can never find a woman to satisfy them so they settle for less, two dollars less to be exact!

    Now i'm not out here to call you names, or degrade your past, or even try to hurt you. this is a simple warning. You lay one finger on anyone i associate with here in IWT, You won't be hunting me... I'll be hunting you, you see I'm so sick and tired of the fear you try to subject me to, what is there to be afraid of? what is there to be intimidated by? You may follow my footsteps but it's such a shame you can't follow my mental steps. I'm one step ahead of you... You better catch up."

    Aiden drops the microphone outside the ring and walks his way out of the ring. ​
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