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    *The camera opens up to a white room with a podium set up, tables with two chairs each are lined up next to either side of the podium. On the wall behind the podium you see two flat screen TVs. A man dressed in a pinstripe suit is sound checking the microphone on the podium as press file into the press conference room.*

    Man: Ladies and gentlemen, It is with great honor that I present to you, your World Television Champion, Alkaline.

    *Alkaline enters through a door on the room's left side. He's wearing a white suit with a baby blue shirt, the world TV title slung over his shoulder. He is accompanied by three men in similar suits as the man checking the mic. Alkaline takes to the podium as the four men sit down in the chairs along the tables. He places the TV title on the podium and looks out at the gathered members of the press.*​
    Alkaline: First of all thanks for coming. You know who I am. My name is Alkaline, I am Mr. Match of the night. The walking main event, the Prince of the pinfall but most importantly, I am your world television champion. I have called this press conference to reveal some information about my tag team partner Eric Draven's world title defense this Sunday and my title unification match with Senhor Perfect, pitting his intercontinental title against my world Television title that was supposed to take place tonight. First off: Earlier this week, Eric Draven had an accident while training and injured his knee. The graveness of the injury have yet to be determined and we hope to have some information on his match against Suicide by Sunday at the latest. On to Senhor Perfect.​
    Last night, members of Senhor Perfect's camp contacted members of my staff and informed me that family matters, of the positive kind might I add had come up and as a result Senhor would not be able to make the scheduled time for our match. And thus he was asking if it was possible to postpone the match by a couple of days. Me being a reasonable man of course agreed to this.​
    *The press mutters*​
    Alkaline: I will never deny a man, especially a hard working man like my opponent a chance to spend time with family. It came at a bad time but matches can be rescheduled. Senhor Perfect and I were set to tare the house down tonight but we can just as easily tare it down on Monday, which is the day that our match will now take place. I am confident that the fans will walk home from that match very much content with what was delivered.​
    As for the match itself. I expect it to be my toughest match yet, and rightfully so. Senhor Perfect is one of the closest things to a legend this young company has. He's the human triple threat, setting records and legacies for the future to talk about. He's a first in our company and should be proud of that. But with being the history of our company, comes making way for the future. Senhor has put on some great matches, and the title he holds has been great. Keyword here is was. Let's be honest, it is time to make room for the future, and I am that future.​
    I am young, I am strong, I strike hard and fast and I'll do anything to win. When I step into the ring it becomes a jungle, and I am its proverbial lion king. You might not like the things I have to say or some of the ways I have acted but I always strive to put on the best match and to prove that I am the best. I will blaze the trail for the stars of the future and be the shining beacon taking this company forward. And my world TV title is one of my means of doing so. It is my sword, it is my shield. My gift and my curse. It is a gift because with it I have been given the means to write history myself. But it is a curse because it is a target on my back that every young athlete should strive to obtain. And I will welcome all comers, all challengers and I will face them head on. You might not like me, but you should at least respect me for the time, energy and blood I put into my matches, and my championship. Senhor might beat me come Monday, but I'll do everything in my power to make sure I walk out the winner. I respect the old man, but by no means will I pull any punches. I'll kick, I'll punch, I'll put him in every submission I can think of and I will take everything he can dish out and get back up. Because that's who I am. A fighter, a wrestler, king of this jungle. If you look into my eyes you won't see fear, but joy for the fight and the competition. I am your World television champion. And hopefully after Money in the Bank, I'll still be champion.​
    On Monday Senhor Perfect and I will make history. I invite you all to be a part of it. Even if you don't like me.​
    *Alkaline sits down by the podium as the press hollers questions at him and snaps pictures. He then gets up and leaves with his staff, heading out into the hallway.*​

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  2. *After Alkaline walks away from the press, the lights in the room turn off. The projector behind Alkaline's seat turns on, playing music not heard frequently*

    *The music plays for a solid minute and thirty seconds. The experienced and intelligent members of the press remember the small encounter Mystical George had with a certain figure; an unknown figure who hasn't shown his face. They gasp, and spread the word among the lesser intelligent press who simply presumed this was a mistake. After the music stops, the lights turn back on once again. They talk quietly amongst themselves, fearing for the safety of Alkaline*

    Member of the press: "What the..."
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  3. Okay, who's playing around in the editing room? Because I need to pay you extra for that that was pretty bad ass.
  4. OOC: When does your match with Senhor start etc?
  5. Just started, ends at midnight (promos) then voting for 24 hours.
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