Storyline A Message To Bishop Part Two: Scott Fargo Must Die.

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  1. We open on a shot of a small town's bar in the middle of the night. We can tell from the lights and the flickering neon sign out front that reads "OPEN 24 HOURS".


    It's just then we hear a deep voice from off camera.

    "What'chu think?"

    The camera view turns to reveal a large black man. Wearing a black tank top and a pair of black jeans. In his hands he holds what appears to be a steel baseball bat. The view then returns to focusing on the bar as a voice comes from behind the camera.

    "Yeah. This the place, man."

    The big black man walks towards the door of the bar as the camera follows. It's now obvious that we a looking through the eyes of one of the attackers sent by Bishop to track down Scott Fargo. The big black man reaches the door. On the other side of the door we hear nothing apart from the vague sounds of music. The big black man sends a hard kick at the door. The door nearly flies off it's hinges we follow the larger man inside the bar.
    As the door hits the floor, the jukebox sets off a song in the queue.

    There isn't a single soul in the bar except for a bald man sitting alone at the bar. Obviously, Fargo has had one too many to drink. Fargo has his head down. He's wearing a black t-shirt, with an olive green M-1965 field jacket over top, a pair of blue jeans and a pair of beige work boots. On the bar in front of him, we see an empty shot glass and a large, half empty bottle of bourbon. As the attackers walk forward, the wooden floor creaks prompting Fargo to sit up.

    "Ah. Finally. The party can start."

    As the vocals kick in on "Bang Bang", Fargo spins around on the stool to face the attackers. We turn to look at the large attacker who looks confused. The large attacker's expression changes one of seriousness.

    "This don't look like no party, dawg. Naww, dis? It looks like a sad place to die."

    Fargo smiles, and stifles a laugh.

    "If Scott Fargo must die. It will not be tonight. It will not be right here. And you will certainly not be the ones to kill me."

    Fargo stands from the stool across the empty room from the attackers. The large attacker begins moving forward as we circle around to the side.

    "Fuck you, m-"

    Fargo cuts off the man's insult by hurling the half empty bourbon bottle across the room, smashing the large man in the face. Shocked we take our attention off of Fargo to look at the other attacker holding his face in pain. Just as we turn our attention back on Fargo, he is sprinting at us. Fargo slams into us full force with a shoulder tackle driving us to the floor with a hard thud. All we see are the lights on the roof for a moment as the we lay in pain. Off camera we hear Fargo cockily taunt the attackers.

    "This is the best Bishop's money can buy? I thought he was rich but hires complete fools like you? What a joke!"

    We then hear the large man roar and charge at Fargo. We get to our feet to see that both the large man and Fargo are fighting each other on the floor. Somehow, Fargo manages to get on top of the large man and begins beating him with vicious hammerfists. We begin franticly searching for something. We grab a chair and run over to assist the large man by smashing a chair across the back of Fargo's head.

    "GAAHH! FUCK!"

    Fargo screams in pain and falls to the floor. We then drop what is left of the wooden chair as we help the other attacker up. He looks at us.

    "Go get da bat. Let's finish this."

    We turn around and walk across the room while the big man lays into Fargo with kicks. We pick the bat up off the floor from where the big man dropped it. Fargo now realizing what a dire situation he is begins desperately crawling away. The big man steps on the back of Fargo's leg holding him in position as we return with the bat. We raise the bat above our head, just as Fargo manages to get free and crawl away. The big man shouts.


    We both follow Fargo. The big man stomps on Fargo's leg again, and just as we go to raise the bat again, we hear the big man let out a blood curdling scream. We look down and see blood everywhere caused by Fargo has jabbing a jagged piece of broken wood from the smashed chair right into the back of the big man's calf.


    We immediately drop the bat to help our friend. Fargo slowly gets to his feet just as we pick the bat back up. We swing the bat for Fargo's head, but he ducks under and lands a hard punch to the gut that drops us to our hands and knees. As our friend still screams in pain in the back, Fargo picks up the bat and stands above us, blood falling from his mouth, with the bat in hand.

    "Now, son. You need to think about what your options are here. Option A) You take your friend to the nearest doctor before he bleeds out, return to Bishop and tell him how royally FUCKED he is. Or, Option B) I bash your goddamn brains in, and your friend bleeds out on the floor over there. What do you choose? What's the smart thing to do, hmm?"

    Fargo gently hits his own hand against the bat as a voice full of fear squeaks out from behind the camera.

    "A. Option A."

    "That's a very smart choice, son."

    Fargo stands back as we run over to our friend and help him to his feet. As we help out bleeding friend out of the bar, we look back over our shoulder and watch as Fargo sits back down at the bar with music slowing to end as the screen fades to black.

    @DK James Honestly, it's a bit shit. I'm tired and fight scenes aren't my forte~
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  2. That was honestly really good but I wouldn't use death lol, Tsar said that was too over top
  3. In the end, no one died, so that should be fine, no?
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  4. Yeah
  5. If I could rate this "winner" 50 times I would. Not shit at all man, i fucking loved it. Really feel like i'm watching a movie or somethin when I read your promos, you got a way of creating a setting perfectly. That's somethin that's never been a big part of IWT before, setting/environment and attention to detail, but as long as you're here I can see it catching on which is a great thing. Real good stuff
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