Storyline A Message To Bishop.

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  1. We open on a black screen. After a moment we hear cash registers opening and slamming shut.

    As the intro riff for the 1973 Pink Floyd classic “Money” plays, we fade into a wide shot of the Nevada Desert, in the middle there lays a road.


    After a second, we can only just hear the echo of an engine in the distance. Just then, we see an all black 1965 Ford Mustang GT Fastback speed into the shot. The camera cuts to the cream interior of that very Mustang. In the driver's seat, we see Scott Fargo. He's wearing no shirt, a pair of black aviator sunglasses, and is holding the wheel with his right hand with his left out the window holding a cigarette. Fargo puts the cigarette in his mouth and switches the hand holding the wheel. He then uses his right hand to lower the volume of the music before talking over the music and the sound of the engine.


    Fargo then puts his right hand back on the wheel, and holds the cigarette with his left while he takes a drag. He removes the cigarette and blows a puff a smoke before continuing.

    "You see, money, is everything to a man like Bishop. It's the one thing he cares most for. It's...his world. And I can't blame him. I was in a similar situation as Bishop was when I was a child. I lived in the shit as well. I'd sometimes go hungry for a week, sometimes two. The water to our house would get cut off. Our family walked on the line of being evicted. But I waded through all that shit and I am now here today as what I consider myself a successful man to be. I've got a good job, I get paid good money, I have a good family, and I am in good health. Bishop has walked a similar path to me in that regard. He's gone through the shit, and now he is a wealthy, successful man. And that? I can respect. I respect it because it takes a lot. It takes a lot of dedication, hard work and effort to go from rags to riches. I respect that, I truly do. But I do not respect the man."

    Fargo takes a pause to have another puff on the cigarette and blows more smoke before flicking it out the window as he speeds down the road.

    "What I don't respect, are his insults and his threats. You see, I heard what Bishop had to say on this week's VICE before his match. Bishop, I find it hilarious that you implied Forte is a pussy by saying that Forte is hiring bodyguards then go on to threaten to send people after Forte and myself to do your dirty work. But, I guess it takes a pussy to know a pussy right, Bishop?"

    With a laugh, Fargo places his left elbow on the door and leans his head on his hand while continuing to steer with his right hand.

    "See, Bishop is just another of these fuckin' up their own ass rich guys that think their bank account makes them the shit. I honestly wish that he was a different type of guy, y'know? Coming from where he does, I thought he would have been a better man. But no. He's just another money hungry dickhead."

    Fargo shakes his head and disapprovingly sighs.

    "Because he beat down a legend, he thinks he deserves a title shot. Because he won on VICE, he thinks he is better than me. He doesn't. And he's not. Bishop, you beat the dude who got beat by Ryan fucking Davis of all people. Do you know who Davis even is? He's the dude who went his entire NGW run without getting a single win. He couldn't get a single win in NGW. Yeah, NGW. That fuckin’ cesspool. You, Bishop, beat the guy that was beaten by the guy who couldn't beat any guy in NGW. You must think you're a big man, don't ya?"

    Fargo laughs to himself.

    “It’s pathetic. But, tell ya what, big man. I’m out here in Nevada. Sun’s about to go down, so I’m gonna turn in. Find one of those small towns that has a real old school style bar. I’ll get drunk off my ass and get me a room. And, tell ya what, talking about you, it’s got me kind of heated and I really wanna beat the fuck out of something. So as I said, I’m gonna get drunk out of my mind out here and I want you to send your hired help out to get me because you aren’t man enough to come out here yourself. I’ll call the IWT office, get your number and text you my exact location so your boys know exactly where the fuck I am. Send as many dudes as you fuckin’ want as well. Money isn’t a problem for you, so you won’t have to worry about their hospital bills.”

    With a smile on his face, Fargo puts his foot down as the engine revs and the car speeds up as we fade to black.

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