Storyline A Message to Chris Kaizer

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  1. Knight is backstage in his locker room, a camera on a tripod is in his room and Knight is in his normal clothes.
    Knight: Hey IWT.....It's me Bruce Knight. I just came back from visiting Victoria Parker and From meeting up with one Alias Antonio.....and I want to adress this message to Chris Kaizer. In PWR, In my first match there, which was a title match I should add, You came out and called me a nobody.....Hey, Kaizer....This Nobody is recognized here as someone who is highly underrated. This next show, I would of gotten my hands on you.....but because of your damn fees to get you to fight, PWR went down as fast as the titanic did. So, Kaizer.....Lets say we finish this.....once and for all. At the IWT Slammys....I'm Challenging you, Chris Kaizer.....and I will prove to you that you are the nobody and that a Somebody.....
    Knight knocks the camera off as he smiles into it.

    @Jonathan, You think we could have a match then?
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  2. *Kaizer has a camera set up*
    Kaizer: Hope to god someone doesn't break this one. Cost me a lot of money. Anyway, Brucey Knight wants a match against me? Isn't that so cute? Jonathan, book it. Why? For one I never faced this man before because the owner couldn't do all the work by him self. Bruce, you better know what you got your self into. The reason I cost so much to book, was because I was on such a high demand. PWG,ROH,PWR,PWS,NJPW, and even TNA wanted me to be there. Everyone wanted the Internet Darling. I guess IWT got him, and his first gonna be you.
    *Kaizer shoots the camera*