Storyline A Message to my Opponents

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  1. A camera can be heard rustling around. However, it is pitch black. A man coughing is barely heard as the rustling stops. A click is heard, and a small flame appears, seeming to be from a lighter. The flame moves over to a candle, which ignites, brightening the dark room. Nick's face is seen, his hair messy as it usually is. He smirks and begins speaking.

    "People have been telling me I gave up, I sold out, I've changed. Well I can assure you this. I haven't changed a bit. I'm still going to take A LOT of pleasure in nearly ending Dolph's and Kaizer's careers. The only difference is that there is a man who actually sees the talent, potential and determination in me. Mr. smith isn't here at the moment, but I know I can speak for him in saying that he knows I am the future. And I think he wants me to prove myself - and that's understandable. Sure, my past victories can speak for themselves but the thing is, I need to show him I can DOMINATE."

    He clears his throat and turns back to the camera.

    "So that's what I'm prepared to do. He's seen me take people to the limit, but walk out with a loss. It's all apart of the process. I am the coal that will be squeezed into a diamond. I am the metal that will be molded into the sword and he is the blacksmith. All I need is a little bit of guidance, and now I have that. Together, we're going to be unstoppable."

    He runs a hand through his hair and chuckles quietly to himself.

    "so here's what I'm offering to my opponents. I'm giving you two options. One, you can run with your careers and bodies still intact. Or two. You can be trampled by me on my way to MY IWT Mania moment. Choose wisely, or face the consequences."

    He smirks puts his hand over the camera and throws it down, ending the video.
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