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  1. Dylan Gray comes out to the ring, he does not look impressed.....
    "So, at IWTMania it was meant to be 4 v 4, FOUR people against four people..... but certain people have chickened out, too scared to be overshadowed by the great Dylan Gray.
    So now it's 2 v 4, TWO people vs 4 people, I don't see how it's fair but we'll go with it, but the thing is, the partner I have now, i've already beat, i've already overshadowed, i've already shown why I am the future of IWT, but now I need to team with him? Eric Draven....
    Don't get me wrong I have all the respect in the world for you, but the fact is I don't like you, I am better than you, whether you're my opponent or my partner, it's clear to see who the better man, and the better competitor is, and 10/10 times it's me.
    Enough on Draven, the NGW dudes, our opponents, it seems to me you have a bit of an issue, an issue of delusion and thinking you're better, you're not, I am, and at IWTMania, i'll show why, I'll show why i'll beat you, I don't need Eric Draven, sure i'll take him just to have there but I don't need him, all I need is my mind, my strength and to show that I am the best young talent in the WORLD, and in them regards, the BEST TALENT IN THE WORLD.
    We'll see you there....."
    *Drops Mic*
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  2. *The lights dim as the crowd edge towards the entrance way. A countdown is flashed on the titantron going from 5 to 1, second coming flashes on the screen before Eric Draven's theme begins to play.

    * The crowd begins to clap as Draven sprints through the curtain, he dances down the entrance way before rolling into the ring and posing in each corner. Draven rolls out of the ring, grabs a mic from the time keepers area then rolls back into the ring and begins to stare at Dylan *

    ED: Lil Dylan, Dylan my boy you should know by now you need me a fair deal. I am the Ying to your Yang.

    * Draven smiles *

    ED: Without me you're not even here, it was me who dragged you up from the smaller shows and gave you the IWT spotlight. That spotlight which was gleamed from the sweat of @Aids Johnson , that spotlight which was forged by the blood of @Gav the Champ! and the dreams of one Eric Draven. You don't see it do you?

    * Draven looks around at the audience *

    ED: They see it, oh boy do they see it. Dylan Grey the future, the boy who cried wolf. The same man who requires brass objects to put down an old dog learning new tricks. You see Dylan you hit me just a little hard, a little too hard some will say. I saw War, I saw Famine, I saw Pestilence and I saw Brother Death. I shook everyone of their hands and gave them the same story, Dylan Grey is one of you, a destroyer of worlds. They took me under their wing and told me Draven Dylan is not the one who will ride with us. He's not the one who'll burn the village and take the gold hostage. That man is you Draven. Since I saw you I thought I was protecting you, I was the one to prevent your corruption. Now I see what the universe truly says, Dylan you want to stop the invasion? Re-direct the flood, you're on your own Dylan.

    * Draven drops the mic and walks out of the ring before heading up to the curtain he pauses at the top. *
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  3. *Gray holds the ropes shouting at Draven as he walks up the ramp, "Where do you think you're going you piece of crap!"- "Get back here now!"*
  4. *Draven is screaming at Dylan from the top of the ramp*

    ED: Dylan you've heard my words and tonight you've seen my actions. IWT shall burn into the ashes and arise like a phoenix because of you Dylan. If it was anyone else who called my name I'd be there alongside, ready to bleed for them and ready to die for them but it had to be you didn't it? Anyone but you Dylan, anyone but you.

    *Draven walks to the back*
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    *as Eric starts to walk to the back Reagan's theme song echos through the arena as he walks out to a mixed reaction in a Star Wars T-shirt and jeansbut Reagan is just shaking his head with disappointment in his eyes and a microphone in hand then he starts to speak as he looks straight at Draven*

    Reagan: I will be completely honest right here, if I were you Draven....I would have done the exact same thing as you because Michael has really backed you into a corner by making this match a 4 vs 2 instead of a even and fair, four vs four match between IWT and NGW but now I feel sorry for you and Dylan because Michael started this by not only announcing this match which he wasn't prepared for but he has been trashing NGWs name for no good reason other than to try and insult when I'm not even there. He even cost me my match against Spawn for a shot at your mate Aids for that IWT championship. so I applaud you for making the better choice and leaving this rookie in the dirt

    *Reagan turns his attention to Dylan*

    Reagan: now you...the guy on his own, the man that the gm won't even help because I know he can help because didn't he wrestle recently at the royal rumble? or is that my imagination? because if its not then...mate, even your leader doesn't believe in you. And I thought being put in a match with Spawn in a steel cage was bad because I may not be 100% for this match but I won't even need to take part in this match against you because I have 3 other skilled, healthy warriors against you so I think it's fair that I put you out of your misery now, kid

    *The crowd pops because they want a fight so Reagan nods to Draven and says to him "tell Aids that I don't care if he makes out with the title at Mania because after I'm done with Michael, I'm coming for him" before Reagan starts to walk down the ramp, removing his shirt and throwing it into the crowd but before Reagan makes it to the ring.......*

    Spoilers for Team Partner (open)

  6. Michael rushes out, red in the face and sweat pouring. He forcefully takes the microphone from one of the ring crew...

    Michael: Draven! What the fuck do you think you're doing!? You're letting this whole thing get in the way of our destruction of NGW? What are you doing? Y'know what, I've dealt with a lot of egos and stupidity in my time as General Manager, but I will not let the old dog ruin my house! Draven...YOU'RE FIIIIIIRRRREED!

    Michael throws the mic down and paces on the ramp.