Storyline A New Attitude

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    *A unfamiliar song begins to play, the IWT audience eagerly waiting for someone to come out, and at the 0:16 mark a familiar face comes out and stops at the ramp... It's Jack Lux however he looks different.

    Jack Lux: [Deep Breath] I'm back.

    *The crowd goes fucking nuts*

    Jack Lux: I'm not not back for any of you people though

    *Some of the crowd boo*

    Jack Lux: The reason I'm back is because I need to finish what I started. I need to beat Braeden Cross... No no no... I want to beat Braeden Cross. The thing I realized to that I need to change... To be something different I couldn't be a generic cocky asshole like I was. I needed to be stone fucking cold. I needed to believe that I could make him retire, and I couldn't do that the way I was. So now... now I'm "The Professional" and now I know I can beat Braeden Cross. Now I know that I can end his pathetic, miserable fucking life, and wipe you off the face off the earth like a stain.

    *Before Lux has a Chance to continue Braeden Cross interupts him*

  2. Braeden Cross walks out to a new entrance theme as well.
    Cross walks out, seemingly in a good mood. Coming down the aisle slapping hands with some fans and smiling.
    Cross enters the ring.

    Braeden Cross: Huh, never got that kind of reaction before... You people seem to like me now...
    The crowd cheers for a second.
    Braeden Cross: Wow, that is... that's weird. But then again, you people aren't why I'm here. YOU! You generic, arrogant, piece of shit!
    Cross turns an points at Jack Lux.

    Braeden Cross: YOU! You are the reason I'm here. You think you can come out here, after sitting at home like a little bitch for a few weeks while I'm out on the other side of the world, breaking faces and destroying lives. All for the entertainment of these sick fucks right here. You seem to be under the impression that you can sit on your couch, drinking yourself half to death and expect to be able to come here to IWT and get right back in my face. I understand we have some unfinished business, which is why I'm glad to be back here in IWT to finish this saga.
    The crowd cheers and starts chanting 'IWT'
    Braeden Cross: You know, I just remembered why you're so cocky... You're one up in the best of three series that we got goin' on. All this face breakin' around the world that I had going on, y'know, representing the brand of IWT... No? You don't know that Jackyboy? Hmmm interesting...
    Cross walks right up to Jack Lux before turning around and gagging.
    Braeden Cross: Fucking hell, Jack! Did you not brush your teeth or anything while you were drinking yourself to death? Jesus Christ, boy! And you call yourself " the professional"? Real cute, Jack. Real cute. Look, all jokes aside, all broken faces, world wide tours, broken homes, alcoholic tendencies, all of that aside, you said you wanted to end me. You said you wanted to break me. You won't end me, I'm unkillable, you won't stop me, I'm unstoppable, you won't break me. I'm Un. Fucking. Breakable. And next time we face each other, I'm going to make you my bitch.
    Cross drops the mic, turns around and sits on the bottom rope waiting for a reply from Jack Lux.
  3. *Lux gives Braeden Cross a "you're fucking idiot" look before beginning to talk again.*

    Jack Lux: Bad breath and alcoholism? Really? [Lux facepalms] You're a fucking idiot. I mean what are you, John Cena? Trying to make funny joke, but miserably failing. If anyone is trying to be cute it you, Braeden. I don't what you were doing or think you were doing when I gone, and I don't care if you say you're unbreakable, unstoppable, or unkillable. I will break you, I will stop you, and I wholeheartedly promise you I will fucking end you.

    *At that moment Jack Lux nail Braeden Cross with a Headshot.*

    Jack Lux: I just want you to know Braeden that this is just the calm before the storm, because After I inevitably beat to a beautiful, bloody pulp and then beat that washed up hack, Jack Forté for the Intercontinental Championship.

    *The crowd begin deafening boo towards Jack Lux.*

    Jack Lux: All you! Shut the fuck up! Did anyone of you stupid idiots actually think I gave a shit about you? Wait, wait, don't answer that was rhetorical question. No I didn't, because when I see you guys all see is dollar signs. You fuckers pay my bills. The reason I'm not a "good guy" anymore is I've realized that all of you dumbass will come and watch Idiots like Jack Forté or Braeden Cross, and I'll end up with your money anyways, but enough of you idiots. Back to you Braeden. After I beat Jack Forté for the Intercontinental Championship. I will strike down upon you with great vengeance and furious anger. Every corner you turn everywhere you go, I'll be there. I will so much that at night [Lux laughs] you'll be check under bed for me, you'll be checking your closet for me and you'll leave the door open and the light on to. I promise you that ol' buddy ol' pal.

    *Lux gives Braeden Cross a shit eatting grin and a few little slap on his face before he leaves.*