Storyline A New Beginning

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  1. *camera man approaches an Irish pub in Boston and zooms in on a drunk Marcus Anthony at the end of the bar*

    Interviewer: Marcus are you okay? You do know what day it is right?

    *Marcus rubbing his eyes looking like he hasn't slept or showered in days with a beard fit for the area answers*

    Marcus: I'm sorry who the hell are you and what day is it?

    Interviewer: it's Tuesday

    *marcus gives a death stare to the interviewer and the cameraman and continues to drink yet another pint of guiness*

    Marcus: hey jackass if you're gonna sit here and bother me you may as well grab me another round.

    Interviewer: how long have you been here?

    Marcus: Friday, what's it to ya? You trying to babysit me? You obsessed with me? Because that shit doesn't fly with me jack.

    Interviewer: no no no nothing like that. It's just we saw you sign that contract and had accepted a challenge and your challenger no showed leading to you not being on the card.

    Marcus:*smirks and finishes another beer* Same shit different day. I came to IWT for three things: Fights, Beer Money, and Beer Money. It's gotten old thinking "omg I wanna be the best!!!!1!11!1!1! *hiccup* ". Well I'm done with it and I just need to look out for what's best for me. *slurs*Youknowwhatthatisasshat? More. Beer......and a shot. Hey bar guy do it upppp.

    Bartender: hey man you're cut off. I don't know how you're still drinking let alone breathing.

    *Marcus stands up and stumbles a bit before grabbing the bar for support and stretches a bit*

    Marcus: I'm sorry friend *hiccup* I'm a little deaf in my left ear can you *hiccup* come closer and tell me?

    *Bartender leans closer*

    Bartender: you're cut...*Marcus grabs the bartenders head and smashes his head repeatedly into the bar until he goes limp. The bouncer leaves as do the other people in the bar*

    Marcus: *slurs*thatswhatithoughtbish

    Interviewer: why would you do that? He did nothing wrong?

    Marcus: You know what *hiccup then shakes his head and has a fiery look in his eye and stares dead into the interviewers eyes* this is what I'm like on a good day. Imagine me when I'm mad or have a reason to use my abilities. *laughs for a minute* you have no idea what I'm capable of. Believe me, there's a reason I do what I do. You'll quicherbitchin and take a fuckin shot pussy.

    *Marcus grabs a bottle of Jack Daniels and grabs the interviewer in a headlock and starts pouring the alcohol down his throat and the cameraman tries to flee but Marcus grabs him and looks in the camera*

    Marcus:*buuuuuuuurp* they say it's not good to drink alone. Who wants to drink with the me*hiccup*nace?

    *Marcus lets the cameraman go and runs out the bar and all you hear is a mix of screaming and laughing*
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  2. OOC: I sent this whilst drinking at a bar btw lol
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