A New Challenge

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  1. "Last Man Standing" by Pop Evil plays as Jake Woods makes his way to the ring. He come out to many cheers and a chant of his name begins. Jake is wearing his entrance attire and has his hair spiked up. He comes out with a smile on his face due to the chants and cheering. Jake looks around before running to the ring and sliding in. He quickly jumps onto the the turnbuckle and taunts before hopping down from the turnbuckle faster than he went up. He then slows down as he requests a microphone. Jake gets one and begins talking.
    Jake Woods: "Alright, now it's time to be serious. About a good week or so ago, B.Dazzle, my former partner turned his back on me and all of you. Guess he's a king or some stupid crap now. Good news though, we finally learned what B. stood for, right? Anyways, I have decided that I'm too great for tag team competition. I can beat somebody without the help of Brandon. And to be honest, there's one group of people that push me to be my best. It's obvious who those people are. You, the fans of IWT, who watch every second of us talking and settling it in this ring make me proud to be here. Proud to compete with the others around here. But, it's time I reach the top of this company. We need a fresh, new face to lead the way. And that face is me. But, I'm not gonna kiss some ass to get to the top, I' mam going to earn it! How can I do that? Well, I'll tell you. I'm issuing an open challenge. Anybody in the locker room can lace up their boots now and make their way down to this ring because I'm ready for a fight and I'm going to get one! So, is anybody brave enough to go head-to-head with Greatness or are they too scared to fight with the new, fresh...beautiful face of this company? Let me warn you, first. Your face will definitely needs some fixing after I'm done with you. You might wanna call the ambulance trucks out early. you think I'm kidding? I'm serious about this. So, come up to this ring or don't, if you don't wanna come out severely injured!"​
    Jake calls for somebody to come out as the fans chant "Come on out! Come on out!"

  2. OOC - Yeah, scrap this. May have different plans..