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  1. The fans wait to see who is coming and Edward Coleman appears. The fans start to boo him as he walks to the ring with a mic in his hand. He makes his way to the ring and starts to speak.

    Coleman: "Hello everyone, it is me, Edward Coleman, The Greatest man here in IWT! I came to talk about a few things here. First thing I want to talk about is you fans. I realized that I should have you help get momentum during my matches. I actually care about you guys and think you're great. I'm a changed man and know that you will help me."

    The fans start to cheer.

    "The second thing is my first match. I've been waiting for one and haven't gotten a match yet. I've said this already and will say it again, I'm great and you guys don't care. I can beat any person in this company and will never lose! So as of now, I challenge any guy on the roster to a match for the next show. I don't care if it's a champion or some random person. I just want a match to prove to everyone that I'm the greatest guy in this business."

    Coleman waits for someone to respond to his challenge....
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  2. OOC: I'll answer this challenge either later tonight or sometime tomorrow morning. .

  3. *B.Dazzle makes his way down to the ring. He doesn't do any of his usual entrance stuff. He just gets a mic and begins to speak.*

    B.Dazzle: At the Slammy awards, B.Dazzle suffered the worse day of my career. On a night that winning was a must. On a night where winning was the only option........B.Dazzle lost. He didn't just lose the match.....he lost his I.C Championship. To make matters worse, he lost it to the man who has made the last month a living hell for B.Dazzle. Now here B.Dazzle is, standing before all of you without a singles title to his name. B.Dazzle is still one half of your tag team champion, but there is something missing. That something is the Intercontinental championship. At the Royal Rumble, B.Dazzle plans on taking the I.C title back with him. B.Dazzle guaran-damn-tee's it.

    *B.Dazzle looks over to Edward.*

    B.Dazzle: Now for the reason B.Dazzle really came down to this ring for. Edward, you have been gone for a long time. And during this time, B.Dazzle has made a name for himself. You want to get back in the swing of things here, that's fine. B.Dazzle will gladly give you your comeback match. Just remember this, and only this. B.Dazzle is pissed, and he is going to make sure he beats the hell out of everyone in his way on his path to reclaiming the IWT I.C Championship. So when you go one on one with The Dazzling One, B.Dazzle is going to make sure to beat your comeback making, leaf turning, fan alliance chaning, rudy poo, candy ass all over the ring!
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  4. @Jonathan

    Can we get this match next week?
  5. What about the rumble?
  6. I'm going after the I.C title at the rumble, and I have other plans for it too.

    This is just to give Italianman his first IWT match.
  7. Alright, you guys pick a date.
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  8. Any day this week man.
  9. Let's say...this coming Thursday.

  10. It's on
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