Storyline A New Era Begins

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  1. A Video Package Plays, Highlighting the Two Main events of the night, The IWT Title Triple Threat and Alias vs Knight. Once the Video Packages are finished, the camera's cut back to a crowd, who are still pumped from IWTMania 2. Then...

    "Underdog" By Kasabian blasts from the PA System as the Crowd begin to cheer and they begin to sing along to the song as 'Kill me if you dare' appears on the Titatron, Knight coming out shortly after, holding the IWT Championship in his hand while he raises the other. He looks at the crowd, still singing to his theme song as he looks around on the Stage. Then, Knight Raises his title and shouts "Kill me, If you dare!". He walks down to the ring casually, taking time to pose with fans and high five them as he walks down to ring with his IWT title in hand. He gets onto the apron and Jumps into the ring with the title and he begins to pose with it, lifting it in the air and celebrating. He requests a Microphone, which is passed onto him.

    "IWT...A New Era is among us. Last Night, I defeated Aids Johnson and Joey Bryant to win this title...and then came the real challenge...A Man everyone has learned to fear....Antonio Alias. I wasn't prepared....I had no chance....yet I pulled it out of the bag...A Win over the man who was on an Unbeaten streak. My Emotions at the time were mixed....I was overjoyed yet I was shocked that I defeated him. I completed my first Defense....and with that, me and Alias kick started a new Era in IWT History. Now, I look onto the future, my future defenses...and my future in IWT. Alias, You provided me with a taster of being a champion...You provided me with a test to prove my credentials right there, right after my match....and I thank you for that."

    "As I said last Night, IWTMania saw the end of the Old Knight....Now, The New "Bruce Knight" shall take over....the same Knight that defeated Alias Antonio....and I have some words for a certain Group. The Church, Joey Bryant and Dat Kid."

    The Crowd Boo at the Mention of Dat Kid and the Church.

    "Now, Kid....You defeated George, A Great Competitor....Sure, that deserves a Mention....But It didn't steal the show at 'Mania. You can claim all you want, you can claim that your WHC is better then my IWT Championship, You can claim you stole the show at 'Mania....but remember about who the crowd are all talking about. Everyone is talking about Alias vs Knight, The True Main Event of IWTMania. They are talking about my surprise win against Aids and Bryant and about Me and Alias putting on the best match of the Night.
    Now, Without a Doubt, the IWT Championship will always have more credibility then the WHC, No matter how many times you retain or capture that belt."

    The Crowd begin to cheer again.

    "Now, Onto the Real Star of the Church....Joey Bryant. Last Night, I defeated you and Aids to get this Belt....I defended it successfully against the man who crushed you at the uprising before 'Mania....I did something that you couldn't do and that was defeat Antonio Alias. Joey, I know what you plan to do....You Plan to activate that rematch clause at Extreme Rules in hopes of getting back what is now mine. Joey...Unlike last time, I'm prepared for you....I'm ready for you to do the inevitable, My Confidence is at an All time high right now and no one is going to bring it down. Joey Bryant, Kill me If you Dare....I will make sure that you do not get this Title back....I will make sure I retain this belt until a challenger such as Antonio Alias or someone of his skills comes around to face me.

    I am the IWT Champion....I am Bruce Knight.....Kill me If you dare!"

    The Crowd begin to cheer as Knight's music plays again and Knight begins to celebrate his Victory at IWTMania, posing for the fans with his belt. He begins to walk backstage, still celebrating his win as the Crowd are still cheering and start to sing along to his song once again. He stands on the top of the Stage and Holds his title up, the crowd finishing their singing and beginging a loud 'Bruce Knight" Chants as he walks to the back, The Fans still chanting while he's backstage.
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