Promos A New Era : Open Challenge Deluxe

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  1. *FailFace walks to the ring with a leather jacket and Kendo Stick, and enters the ring to begin talking*

    "I've been noticing recently in the IWT... this little feud between The Cure and Adam's little gang. And let me tell all of you people something, Adam and his crew are not capable of dealing with a group such as the cure. But I have a little solution for this problem, an... aggressive solution. A cure can be rendered useless if a plague is strong enough to resist it. A new plague, a new solution..., a new era. A new era, a time of equalizers, an era of weapons, and no DQ. Tables, ladders, chairs... Kendo Sticks.

    *FailFace looks at his Kendo Stick while the crowd has a faint cheer*

    "And to initiate this new era, we need followers, people willing to use whatever it takes to win, from chairs to a kitchen sink. We also need to phase out the non-believers, the people that believe getting your hands dirty, or dawning a crimson mask during a match, isn't the way to go. The people that believe ganging up on people with large groups and scurring when the odds are equalized. And so I dare any non-believer against this new era to come out here right now and face me in a no DQ match. Hell, I dare 2 non-believers to come out here so I can wipe the floor with my Kendo Stick after you two dawn a crimson mask. And that ladies and gentleman, is the era of the Ambassador of Violence.

    *FailFace goes out, takes a chair, brings it in the ring, and sits down*
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  2. So sorry, love to take on these open challenges but im already busy, but a TLCC match... I wonder how that would work...