A New Man

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    *As the music hits, A Man in a Suit and a Hat walks down with A Mask in his hand.He walks down the ramp with a Joyful mood. He enters the ring and asks for a microphone, which is given to him. He places the Mask on a Turnbuckle*
    ???: Hello, IWT....You may know me as the Masked Man, Nightmare. Not Anymore as I have seen the Light! I Have seen how terrible I have been with this god forsaken mask on! Well, No Longer will I have to sit through you Tormenting me...No Longer shall I Be Mocked at backstage.....No Longer will I wear the Generic Mask.
    *The Man pulls out some matches from out of his pocket and waves them around*
    ???: Tonight is about Igniting the Fire! The Fire that shall burn this mask and will bring a New Man into the fray!
    Forget about your Cure and Anti-Cure....Because tonight, You shall witness the rebirth of Bruce Knight and I shall bring a New Order to IWT.
    *Knight walks over to the Mask then Laughs. He puts the matches away and grabs his mask and looks at it. Knight leaves the ring and continues to walk up the ramp as his music plays again, Going to a safe area backstage to rid himself of the mask*

    OOC- Meh, Nightmare was terrible for me so.....Change of Character and Might need to find a new theme....
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  2. OOC: Lol... its like when Wyatt abducted Kane