Kayfabe A New Man

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    *Todd McKay's music hits as he walks down to the ring with a microphone*
    Todd McKay: Hello everyone, it's me again, I'm glad to be back, all that demon shit was just horrific. I could hardly bare hanging round with those idiots, especially Ben Song.
    *The crowd cheer for Ben Song as some boo for Todd McKay*
    Todd McKay: Shut: up you idiots! I will admit Ben Song had the right idea getting out of there whilst he still could.
    But none of that matters right now. Onto my opponent, the iron man champion
    Luis Alvarado.
    *The crowd has a split reaction for Alvarado*
    Todd McKay: I will beat you Alvarado and I will take the gold home with me so you better be at your best if you are looking to beat the next iron man champion.

    *Todd McKay then leaves the arena with a smile on his face*