Storyline A new year, a new promotion, new allies

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  1. *Senhor Perfect, who really hasn't been seen much in IWT since his loss to Eric Draven walks out into the IWT Arena. The crowd is shocked considering his new promotion PWGP is in the midst of its first tour. He's dressed to the nines as usual with a look of determination on his face*

    Hello all of you pathetic American wrestling fans! In case you feeble minded simpletons have forgotten, I'm the man who made this company: Senhor Perfect "The Triple Threat" I could go on and on about my accolades, but I'll leave that to those with a low self esteem.

    You may be wondering, why the hell is this guy here, doesn't he have his own promotion to run? Well, simply put, I took my personal Concord from London to here tonight to address my present and future. I'll start with the future: PWGP. Everyone in Europe and Asia knows that we're superior in every way. It's only a matter of time until you all know it too. In the mean time, I have to pay for the venues and talent. A great way to supplement my income is to come here and exploit my oh so lucrative contract.

    It really doesn't matter to me who I face. It's obvious since I turned my back on Jonathan he's done everything in his power to keep me down and out of sight. That's cool with me as long as the pay checks keep rolling in.

    The main reason I'm here though is to talk about my new alliance. In the past I've aligned myself with flaky quitters like Danielson and Christian, and dolts like Jonathan and Aids. Those are mistakes I can't take back.

    I aligned myself with guys who were established in their place and cared only for themselves. This time I've gone with youth. I've gone with one man in particular that will no doubt rule the wrestling world in the months to come. Together will we hold all the titles in this shit hole of a wrestling company and makes piles and piles of cash.

    The newest alliance in the IWT is it's most powerful ever. Prepare yourselves because you'll be seeing a lot more of me and a lot more of him. Without further ado.......
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  2. The familiar theme hits and the crowd erupts with anger as the man they most love to hate makes his way toward the ring with a shit eating grin from ear to ear. D'Z sarcastically thanks the fans for their boos before getting on his hands and knees in front of Senhor, bowing at his feet.
    D'Z gets back up to his feet, dusting himself off, still with a huge smile on his face, the hatred of the fans only seems to add to his amusement.
    Sometimes I just wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and ask myself: Dolph'sZiggler, how do you do it? Was it right place, right time? Was there an element of luck involved? Are you just that damn good?

    And that's where I stop myself, because I already know the answer. Yes, I am just. that. damn. good.

    The crowd, already tired of D'Z's unyielding bravado, begin to chant "FUCK YOU ZIGGLER", while one man in the crowd can't take it anymore, he rushes into the ring trying to take a swipe at D'Z before being dragged away by security, screaming "YOU'RE NAMED AFTER DOLPH ZIGGLER'S PENIS. FOR FUCK SAKE. STOP BEING SO ARROGANT!"

    Jesus, what's his problem?
    D'Z and Senhor share an amused glance before D'Z moves on.

    He posed a great question. Why. so. arrogant?

    For starters, I'll have to assume that you are blind to even need me to explain myself, because anyone with two eyes and an even semi-functioning brain (sorry, FTJ) can see that I fucking ooze charisma and I have more talent than anyone doing it today. You might think,"but D'Z, you're an IWT newcomer! How can you make such bold claims?"

    I'll tell you how, princess, because here I am, making these bold claims. And do you know who has the balls combined with the ability to do a damn thing about it?

    D'Z holds the mic out, asking if anyone comes to mind. "Aids Johnson!", one mark bellows. "Jersey Christ!" another IWT stan replies.
    That's right dipshits, nobody, that's who.

    I was already on the fast track to taking over this entire industry.. what, with having changed the entire landscape of the IWT with only two matches. I dumped the pathetic Champ Johnson on his head so hard he thinks he is "Aids" again, and I beat Dat Kid so bad he killed half the congregation and fled for the sewers of Atlantic City.
    More importantly I am on pace to becoming the first, youngest and most handsome PWGP Heavyweight Champion. A championship that once its around my waste, will instantly become the most prestigious title on the planet.

    Even with all of that going for me, I know the chance of a lifetime when it comes to me. When the greatest champion in the history of this sport, Senhor fucking Perfect came to D'Z and proposes an alliance I couldn't say yes soon enough. I said: "Senhor Perfect, you have no idea how honored I would be. You are THE legend of this sport, the champion of champions and together we can turn IWT on its fucking head".
    Senhor looks on like a proud father as Dolph's continues
    Sorry, I know I said I wouldn't start in with your accolades..

    Just being lucky enough to wrestle in your company, Perfect Wrestling Grand Prix, was enough of a dream come true, but actually being given a chance to directly work with the man? Tag team with the man? Senhor, I can't thank you enough for this opportunity.

    Senhor and D'Z exchange an epic handshake

    before D'Z begins laughing, as he calls for the mic again
    Oh, I forgot to mention... Senhor, you did say, allies, plural, correct? Because I have one last thing up my sleeve.

    In this very ring.. tonight. Senhor and I present to you one of the most highly anticipated debuts in IWT history...


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  3. One sec D'Z. Are you sure these rednecks are deserving of this debut? Considering the stench of feces is ten times worse then When I first got out here, they've already shit their collective pants. I don't know if they're tiny brains can handle it.

    Maybe we should save it for a town with some class, what do you think?
  4. Have you looked at the IWT schedule? Its hillbilly barnyard after redneck saloon after backwoods whore house... this isn't the PWGP Tour selling out 20,000 seat arenas across the globe. I might not like many---
    D'Z looks around the arena in disgust
    --err, any of these people in attendance tonight, but I'm not going to bait and switch their meth addicted asses. Senhor, with all do respect, the show goes on as planned, so hide the women and children because the baddest mother fucker to grace the IWT ring is about to head this way, and he will leave a trail of bloody assholes behind as he tears his way to the top of this mediocre company.

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  5. Dat Kid scratches his butt backstage in extreme anticipation for whoever is about to debut
  6. Slayer? This can only mean one man is coming... Big D The Smark!
  7. Dirtsheets, lol. You guys are fucking idiots if you believe it. #ActionJackson

  8. A badass figure appears, looking ready to fuck shit up. He makes his way to the ring looking pretty pissed off. He grabs the mic and starts talking. "In Mythology, the Cerberus was a three headed hellhound, with each head serving a different purpose. Looking at this 3 headed hellhound standing before you, we have Senhor Perfect, the veteran leader with his great experience and intellect. We have D'Z, the master tactician, finding and exploiting all weaknesses presented by his enemy. And I am the barbarian, here to maim and destroy any unfortunate son of a bitch that steps in my path. Together, this unholy trinity will control the IWT, or should I say, continue to control. The groundwork has already been laid. You've heard of the Cure? The Church? Well now you've met the cancer, the Anti-Christ of IWT."​
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  9. I CALLED IT SUCK MY DICK ACTION! I am the next Meltzer!

  10. As the intro plays, pyro blasts come down towards the entrance, and Aids Johnson walks out to a huge pop from the crowd. He is rocking a blue suit, yellow tie, and a throwback Brewers hat. Aids walks out and caters to the fans, holding up his IWT title, holding a microphone in his other hand. Aids slow claps for a few seconds, laughing, before holding up the microphone.

    Hilarious. Another long winded set of promos, followed by another group using Cure comparisons to try to put themselves over. Let me just set things straight immediately, before anyone has to listen to another single line of the bullshit being spouted from the mouth of any of you, hopefully sparing everyone here an argument between factions and which one is the biggest Cure ripoff.

    I look out into that ring, and all I really see are three people who couldn't make it here alone. I see Senhor Perfect, the man who hasnt been credible in months, running his mouth about opening his new fed up on the IWT stage, insulting the current product here while promoting himself via a dirtsheet bitch and a man who would barely be in contention for the X-division title shot, had I not personally pulled him into the main event. News flash, assholes, no one here cares about what you are doing in London, this is THE company people want to come to, and your shit is still just the B team.

    I have to give D'z some credit, as everyone saw where I was going, and in my honest opinion our match was good for each of us. You got to go over a jobber to put yourself into the IWT Elimination Chamber match, and I finally saw a competitor worthy of coming for my belt. Unfortunately, now i see you for what you are, just another irrelevant competitor who has to leech onto others to feel promoted. Pitiful.

    ...And here you stand now, in the company of a heel promoter who is a nobody in this company, scraping together a win loss record through no show matches and weak opponents, so much so, that David will have to give credit to you as the weakest champion in IWT history. And the big pull at the end, is Big D the smark? *Aids laughs* you have to be fucking kidding me. Talk all you want, but when Wrestlemania comes to a close not one of you will be holding gold, and you'll still be trying to convince everyone here that Senhor's company overseas is worthy of TV time here in the land of the real champions. Fact's are facts, friends, and Senhors company is nothing if not made for the cast-offs and never-will-be's of this company, and D'Z winning the gold there is no bigger than Alias destroying his opponents for the X-division - you can win that gold but everyone here knows you settled when you could have been something better.

    Go ahead and talk. When the Royal Rumble comes to a close you'll all have your words and friendships, and I'll still be the IWT Champion.

    *Aids holds his belt up again, while the crowd pops, chanting IWT over and over again, as Aids' theme hits, and he walks backstage*
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  11. Typical Aids, always making everything about himself. No one cares what you think Aids, you and your title reign are IRRELEVANT. Despite what your legions of teenage boy fans have to say, your time is coming to an end. We are here to put everyone on notice. So talk just to hear yourself speak if it makes you feel better. Good luck in your match Aids vs Parker 46, let me know who wins cause I'll be joining the rest of the crowd taking a piss during it before I go home.
  12. D'Z looks thrilled, as he looks towards Senhor, giving him the pity face, holding his hand out.
    Ha! Told you his sorry ass would come out trying to piggyback off of our momentum in a pathetic attempt to cling to relevance. Pay up!

    Senhor takes a bundle of $100 bills and hands them over to D'Z with a smirk on his face

    You've mistaken me for another sorry S.O.B., Champ, if you think I know a damn thing about "The Cure" other than that's what it says on the DVDs that you tried to sell, failed and then wound up giving them away for free.

    Don't drag your condescending bitch ass down here to shit on my partners here while trying to play it nice with me, dick lips. That's not how this operation is run. You are no better than Dat Kid, using a false cloak of apathy to try and hide your fear, but guess what? Mission failed. You see if you were apathetic, thinking this new kliq were no big deal, you would have done what you always do; sat your fat ass back stage searching Youtube for your next terrible entrance theme.

    But alas, here you are, exposing your own insecurities yet again. You need not worry about the brains or bran of this operation, because come the Elimination Chamber you are going to be locked in a cage with the hottest up and coming talent to hit this industry since back when you actually still put on decent performances. If your washed up ass can even remember back that far. Now listen pal, our paths are destined to cross again, that much is clear, but do yourself a favor and stay in your lane until that time comes, because it would be my personal preference that the next time I embarrass you in front of all these people, it ends with me posing over your lifeless corpse with the title at Mania. That is if you find a way to sneak past Victoria, which I'll be honest, nobody seems to have much confidence in that happening.
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