Storyline A One Sided war.

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    Bruce Knight is with a camera crew backstage. They start off in his locker room.
    Hello, IWT.....It is me, 'The Underdog' Bruce Knight and I'm here to deliver a message to Jonathan and his alliance. Jonathan, You are fighting a war that you will not win.....I don't care if my Alliance team mates get knocked out in the process......I hope you get whats coming to you."
    Knight and the camera crew exit the locker room and begin to walk backstage
    "You brought this war on yourself, Jonathan.....DX are going to kick your ass and you'll come crawling to me and you will ask me to join you.....and I shall say no."
    Knight goes over to Chrysalis' locker room and stands beside the door
    People like her.....I can respect.....but when it comes down to leadership, you and Perfect have no idea on how to lead an army.....Your Allies have joined you because they have false hope."
    Knight leaves the area and goes by DX's Locker room.
    "These men.....These are the guys that'll kick your ass....but before they get their hands on you...."
    Knight then walks towards the stage entrance and smiles.

    "I want to wrap my hands around your neck and hear you cry.....I want you to admit that you have used me wrong.....I want you to suffer......I want you.....and I will get you Jonathan.....No matter how many Goons you send"
    Knight leaves the area and goes back to his locker room as the camera switches off.

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  2. OOC: Man @Jonathan how many people in IWT are gunning for you? lol. Oh btw - "I want you.....and I will get you Jonathan.....Legally......or not" sounds kind of fruity man. Just saying.
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  3. Point Taken.....I changed it....
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  4. Well you didn't have to do that, but the first time I read it I chuckled to myself. Gotta watch that stuff with some of the people on here lol.
  5. Yes....I've seen what 'Certain' Members can write up once seeing something like that.
  6. OOC: I did lol...
  7. The whole locker room I think
  8. OOC: Even people on Jonathan's team are gunning for him.
  9. OOC: I think he's even gunning for himself
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  10. OOC: Is that a fapping innuendo?
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  11. If you want it to be :ksi:
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  12. OOC: Always