Storyline A Pleasant Christmas Present.

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  1. *A camera is set-up in the middle of an opaque room, everything surrounded by the room is scarcely visible and the room embraces a confounding presence. In the midst of the eerie darkness, a number of calculated stomps and steps can be perceived throughout the room. Suddenly, you can scrutinize a figure sitting down on a leather chair. After a few seconds, you can discern that figure as the man known as Alias Antonio. Only his face can really be deemed noticeable, but even then, it's a struggle to see much. He commences to speak in a soft-spoken, slow manner.*

    You.....all of you, may have been wondering and speculating over my whereabouts these past couple of weeks. As strange as it sounds, I was given time off to spend Christmas with my friends and family by the IWT managament. Hahaha.
    The IWT management giving me time off? Has it finally dawned upon them that all of my hard work and well earned victories deserve their payoff and recognition?
    Over the holidays, I was still contemplating if IWT legitimately wanted me there, if they still wanted the name Alias Antonio advertised on shows, if they wanted the name Alias Antonio to be co-main eventing major PPV shows, if they honestly desired to keep this unmarketable asshole on the roster. I had in my mind ever since I arrived here in the summer, that the bunch of bird-brained cocksuckers running the company did not want me, nor did they need me, and it was only a matter of time that they "wished" me "luck" on my future endeavors.
    I still count and cherish all of the days I am luckily here, because I am doing what I love doing, wrestling. I don't take my stay here for granted, because any day, even in the middle of this promo, a text message can be sent telling me that I am no longer welcomed in the confines of the IWT. But opportunely, that hasn't happened yet and my fortunes here in the IWT keep perpetuating by the day, but till I'm not the best this company has to offer, I will not be completely happy, because I strive on being the best, and I promise that I WILL be the best here, whether those corporate faggots like it or not.

    *Alias' smirk can be seen on camera*

    When I got back home today, IWT management's sudden boner for me kept on going when they announced that my match with Nick at The Slammys would now be contested in a number one contenders match for the X-Division title. The victor of our match will go on and face David in a 3-way for that title, along with the winner of Kaizer vs. Knight, at The Royal Rumble. I know it's Christmas, but I no way expected this present.
    I was overjoyed at the chance IWT gave me if I'm being honest. I now have the chance to go for singles gold, to endure my legacy, and to prove why I am worthy of being a big star here in the IWT.
    But most importantly, something I have wanted to do for a while, shut up David's mouth and kick his fucking head in. These past months he's been running his mouth on how he's the only Cure member left with success in the IWT, also claiming he was and is the best Cure member. I'd be perfectly in agreement with that statement, only if he fucking appeared more than once every two months. Sure, he's been champ for 6/7 months, but how many people really care about that X-Division belt currently, and how many of his opponents have actually been worthy shots? He's degraded that belt's legacy,
    all whilst rambling his mouth about how he is the greatest Cure member of all time.

    Nick, I like you, but I won't be taking you lightly, because nothing or no one will stop me in gaining that belt and reconstructing it's prestige.

    ........Thanks........IWT management, and Happy New Year to everyone.....

    *Shortly after, the camera fades to black*
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