Storyline A Prince Returns.

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  1. "Ladies And Gentleman, Trip In The Head announced the card for Money In The Bank and I must state that this is going to be one of the most greatest pay per views of 2014. So to get a sneak peak I've decided to ask one of the talents from the locker room to join me in an in-ring interview.
    Please welcome my guest, the ever so kind... Aiden Ryan!"

    The Lights shut off as Aiden Ryan's Theme grasps the audience's attention.
    Smoke begins to fog the rampway as Aiden appears through it.
    Aiden slowly walks down the ramp with his hands in his pockets and hooded jumper covering
    his face slightly.

    He makes his way to the stairway where he takes his hands out of his pockets and climbs them in a slowly manner. He runs his index finger across the top rope and smiles at Michael.

    He enters into the ring via the middle rope and raises his hand in a taunting manner to his adoring fans.

    "Aiden, You were confirmed to be one of six other talents to be in the money in the bank ladder match. Now if you grab this contract this will give you the opportunity to cash it in for the world heavyweight contract, anytime, anyplace, anywhere, for an entire year... But Aiden, Is this something you are ready for? IWT has seen you grow from a boy to a man and it does concern me to see someone as friendly as you placed in something so dangerous."

    "You know, Todd. I'v..."

    "My Name's Michael."

    "Michael, Of course. I've been through alot in my career but nothing has prepared me for the money in the bank ladder match. However I do know that if I go into this match with my head held high and with good sportsmanship I will prevail as victor."
    Aiden perks as Michael Cole stands there nodding
    "Well Thank you for your time, I look forward to seeing where your nice guy persona takes you in this match."
    Michael goes to walk out of the ring only to have his wrist grabbed by Aiden.


    Michael Turns back and replies with

    Aiden throws a sharp kick to the temple of Michael Cole's head causing the sadistic fans to jump up in excitement and thunder the arena with cheers. Aiden then turns to the camera with a twisted smile drawn upon his face. He brushes his fingers through his hair and walks back over to Michael who is laid out on the mat. Kicking Michael's arm to the side Aiden leans down and lifts the microphone he dropped.
    "If you ever correct me again... I'll rip your head off."
    Aiden slams Michael's face into the mat and does a poetic bow to the sadistic fans who are cheering for more.

    "Your Prince Of Dark Despair, Ladies And Gentleman!"
    Aiden Yells as he walks over to the ropes
    Leaning his back against them he tilts his head and listens to the arena erupting with chants.

    His Original Theme begins to play as Aiden sits there talking to himself.

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  2. Todd - HAha. Marked for the Micheal Cole beat down. :yes:
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