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  1. *Marcus Anthony is seen tending to his wounds in the back with a smile on his face*

    These wounds...are sure to leave me scars. Scars to remind me that once again I've been through hell and survived. You know how the saying goes, what doesn't kill me makes me stronger. Being in a world title match showed me that gold is not far from my grasp. After the match of my career, I set foot inside the elimination chamber. Still bloody and barely able to stand, I held my own against some of the top people in this company. Including our own Britanica. Kid, you're right. It wasn't my best effort. It could have been the fact that I was barely conscious or I lost a ton of blood. Guess what no excuses. All that showed me was that even at less than a 100% I can STILL keep up with the best. That title belongs to The Order and sooner or later it will come home.

    *Marcus grabs an IWTmania poster off the wall*

    Here it is. The fruits of our labor. A title match against The Gav and Dazz connection, or is it the dazzling chavs, or is it the shimmering faggots? Either way no matter the name, you paper champions will finally realize that you had just been keeping those belts warm for us. We took you down before and the story will remain the same again as you will fall to The Order. It's been said that when we beat you two that gav was sick and it was essentially dazzle vs the two of us. Well I put that bullshit to rest by laying gav out just a couple weeks back. How about I take out the other half of the fag team champs so about you go one on one with The Dark One because it's about damn time someone puts your bedazzled ass out. So spew your catchphrases and raise that shit streak above your eye you call an eyebrow all you want. By the time I'm done with you, you'll be give in to The Order.
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  2. *Trip in the Head walks in from suffering a loss in the biggest match of his career. He is.....smiling.....surprisingly. Suddenly a reporter comes into the room with a microphone and starts asking Trip questions*
    Reporter: Trip, any comments about EC match tonight?

    *Trip looks over at Marcus and back at the camera, essentially ignoring the reporter who is doing his best to hold his mic near Trip's mouth*
    TRIP: I just went out there and gave the best match of my career. It was close to the best damn individual performance out there on the PPV TONIGHT. Obviously it still wouldn't of mattered though. Joey Bryant got his title, but he'll never have my respect. And frankly he won't have that title long either. Whether its me or another top guy in this company *cough*Alias Antonio*cough*, who happens to be the one take it from him I have a feeling it won't take long. So all hail the new butstillreferredtoasPAPER IWT champion! *makes a crowd cheering noise*

    Now, onto the next matter. My tag partner here is correct. We have earned a shot at this *Trip grabs the IWTmania 2 poster and shakes it at the camera* Our names in the history books as the new IWT tag team champs at IWTmania 2. *Trip throws the poster down and gets right in front of the camera* But don't think for a second that it will effect either of our single careers here in the IWT. We are here to STAY. Deal with it. *Trip turns away from the camera and takes a few steps towards Marcus, turning back towards the camera eventually* Gav and Daz, hold onto those belts real tight boys. Shine em up good and get some last minute photos with them. Cause it's going to be your last chance to do it on this Road to IWTmania. It looks dark up ahead boys. BEWARE!

    *Farooq @Big Boss walks in after the EC match as well. The reporter goes to ask him his opinion and Trip grabs the reporter by the back of the neck and shoves him out of the way. Trip puts his right hand on Farooq's shoulder as he faces him*
    TRIP: Thank you for what you said out there tonight brother. I have managed to control the wolf inside and I am better for it. It is at my disposal now, not in control. You fought inspiringly out there as well. We'll get our revenge down the road.........
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  3. Came here expecting a post about Tim Tebow...really really really disappointed
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  4. OOC: You can call DK James paper champ, but Soft as baby shit is mine. Thanks Danielson.
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  5. Did you not read?
  6. Actually never even saw this for some reason. Reading now!

  7. *The fans give a loud mixed reaction (@Jwab ) as The Dazzler walks out from backstage, wearing his ring attire, carrying his half of the tag team titles around his shoulder. The Dazzler has a mic in his hand and walks down to the ring. A small chant of "Dazzler" breaks out. The Dazzler gets in the ring and looks dead at the titantron. He moves the mic up to his mouth and begins to speak.*

    Dazzler: So let The Dazzler get this straight. You want to stand back there, attending your wounds, crying on and on and on about how you went to hell and back. You want to stand back there and talk about the amount of blood you lost. About how you went toe to toe with some of the best and walked out a man. Well you may have went toe to toe with a few of the best, but you have not gone toe to toe, one one one with The Dazzling One. Marcus Anthony, The Dazzler knows about what you can do in and out of this ring. Quite frankly though, he doesn't care. The Dazzler can be just as mean and relentless as you, any day he wants. You beat The Dazzling Chavs before, that's true, but this is different. This is at IWT Mania with the Tag Team Championships on the line. It won't be two on one this time. It's going to be two on two. The Order vs The Dazzling Chavs.

    *Crowd pops for the match.*

    Dazzler: Marcus, you want a match with The Dazzler? You got one. So you have to choices. You either get down here and get your little candy ass beat like the little bitch you are or The Dazzler will go back there, whip your crack addicted monkey ass, drag you down to this ring, whip your candy ass some more, pin you for the 1.2.3, and then check you straight into a luxury suite in the Smackdown hotel!

    *The Dazzler drops his mic and waits for Marcus to come out. The Dazzler stops right at the camera, looks at it, smiles, and raises his eyebrow.*

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  8. OOC - These fans are definitely bi-polar.
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  9. *Marcus Anthony walks down to the ring with mic in hand*

    Dazzler, I'm glad you finally decided to take those bb sized balls out of gav's ass to finally man up and take my challenge.
    *crowd fills the arena with boos*

    I think it's quite hilarious that you say we're on drugs when it's you who first of all can't stop referring to himself in the third person and secondly hallucinates about beating The Order. You think put motivation changes just because the titles are on the line? Our motivation has purely been to right the wrongs in the just so happens that YOU TWO holding those belts is one of them. Anytime you guys have faced us in the ring the same result took place. Leaving both of you broken and beaten wishing that the reaper would take you away from this life.

    *crowd boos furiously*

    Go on and raise that eyebrow and wear your thousand dollar shirts...because once the darkness consumes you'll be lost forever.
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