Storyline A Promise

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  1. Nick appears in the view of the camera, staring blankly into it.

    "For a year and half, I did everything I could to get where I was. I had to watch Aids vs VP and Alias vs Joey Bryant over and over... I had to watch shitheads like FTJ, Dat Kid, Artist, and Bruce Knight waltz into the main event even though they didn't deserve it, as I scratched and clawed and received nothing in return."

    It goes blank and Nick reappears, moved in a different location.

    "And now that I finally got where I want to be, it sucks. Sucks because I've become what I hate. I'm irrelevant. Funny I say that word, because at the rumble I'm facing someone anonymous. Could it be Aids "Irrelevant" Johnson? Or maybe Drake, or Michael, or FTJ. Probably somebody that doesn't deserve it. All because NOBODY in the IWT deserves to be on the same planet as me, let alone the same ring."

    The feed cuts again and Nick is now standing up.

    "That makes me kinda mad. And typically, my opponents don't like it when I'm mad. Because you see, a new fire was lit in my heart. I'm as motivated as I've ever been, because I've been talking for weeks about making a statement. And this time I'm gonna deliver. I don't care if it's Aids Johnson, Dat Kid, Dolph'sZiggler, Solidus, Incognito, Farooq, Victoria Parker - it doesn't matter. Because at the end of the night, I'm walking out as World Heavyweight Champion and my opponent is being taken away in a body bag. I promise."
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